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  1. Signed on to the new website this morning and said Case Approved May 29. Old website and the app are not updated, still say received. NOA1 Old website: Nov 28 NOA1 New website: Nov 30 NOA2: May 29
  2. Thank you all for helping to ease my mind. I will let it go on and prepare to be questioned about it and crossing my fingers all goes well.
  3. Hi Everyone- I am a November K-1 filer and after reading about John & Rose situation, I came to realize I may have made the same mistake. I am absolutely panicking. In 2014 I received court papers in the mail for a misdemeanor property damage charge. The sentence says: stay of adjudication: entry of judgement is stayed for 1 year. You are placed on probation. Successful completion of probation will lead to this case being dismissed. I was also fined restitution of less than $1,000 (which I was suppose to receive paperwork on but never did, called the courts a few months after to inquire about it and they told me my case has completely slipped thru the cracks and they will need to call me back. Never heard back from them nor received any papers) problem is i I checked “no” on the I-129f petition 😩 what is going to happen now? Will USICS catch it and deny it? RFE? Need to withdraw and re-file? I am just sick and heart broken over this. Simple honest mistake may have just cost us many more months of waiting 🙁.