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  1. If I'm the moderator, if I see someone that I think rude or simply I'm concern to that person or want to correct that person I will message that person personally not posting it so everyone will see it get more people hate that don't understand where I coming from.by the way, I'm not upset at all ..Im just disappointed u know.moderator should know that gesture..but anyway.,I will not comment anything about this..I don't really want this ,i just wanted an answer to my travel concern..that's why I'm here.I don't want any of this stuff..
  2. Ok...is there anything I have to remember before and after boarding a flight...?
  3. Well I have 3 connecting flight...is there any fee in any form? Do I have to carry cash on me?
  4. Ok...thanks for a very helpful information..I have another questions.. I have 2 big luggage, smaller luggage that I can carry on the plane and 1 backpack..do I get charge for my back pack and a little luggage?
  5. Really ? U have to post that comment? Comment like that should be on my personal inbox if u are really "concerned".u are the person I'm trying to avoid...tada ! Here u are! Anyway,I understand if u find it rude. a person like u with perfect grammar don't have problem dealing with some people here that love to correct my poor grammar than answering my concerns or they just give me smart@$$ and obvious answer and some just wanted to start drama or doing this things your doing rightnow..but I forgive u..hope u are happy with your comment..have a wonderful day.
  6. Thanks for focusing on my concern. and not trying to hold your tongue to correct my grammar its very nice of u..god bless your heart.. unlike the first person who comment my post!.anyway well the portable potty is for my sick dad..
  7. These questions are to those people who travelled in the Philippines #Things I would like to bring with my carry on bag 1.zzz night sleep aid? 12 Fl oz 2.vape juices 3.vape mods 4.theraflu the powder one 5. few bottle of water #things on my luggage 1.my xbox I played a lot of games 2.portable potty (comco) 3.2 memory foam in the box 4.couple of perfume for pasalubong(gift) 5.few boxes of mini cakes 6.few of my favorite artesano loaf bread Here's my concerns Since I'm making 3 connecting flight, 1.do I get charge 3 times with my luggage fee? 2.are the things I mention to bring are ok to bring? 3.do I get charge of some of the items that I want to bring ? 4.am I allowed to bring these things? 5.give me a travel trip to the Philippines 6.what are pros and cons that I need to know ... 7.tell me your experience about traveling in the Philippines bad or good.it very much appreciated.. note..if u just tell me look it up online just don't comment ..if u dont know then u don't. And if u just wanted to comment of my grammar and spelling just go away..Thanks