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  1. No. I emailed them though, as per Emma's instructions. Seems I emailed a day after NOA was mailed. At the time of emailing, my cashier's check wasn't cashed.
  2. Sent via USPS. Received the NOA today, 04/19/2021. Never received an eNotification even though the form was submitted. I'm glad it's here. Mailed USPS 03/15/2021 Delivered to Chicago LB 03/17/2021 NOA via mail 04/19/2021
  3. My I-485 was delivered to the Chicago lockbox on 03/17/2021. Still no NOA, check is not cashed either. Have all who filed prior to March 17 received their NOAs?
  4. Did I say something wrong in this thread? Or mislead anyone?
  5. The process doesn't end with n-400; applying with i-130 + i-485 - that's why I'm here again. And trying to help sharing our knowledge and experience, so no strange ;). We did more evidence of one kind, not duplicates. That's what we did and, as you can see, our timeline was quite fast moving (except for when they misread the date that was current labeling it "past due" and RFE'ing us).
  6. I got it from one of the members here on this thread for K-1's: "All that's needed is a fairly recent number. I used trial and error to find the latest one processed at the end of the day. The next day I started with that number and looked through the ones following and then found the last one assigned that day. The assigned numbers cover all kinds of things, not just I-129F. So, for example, about 182 WAC#s were assigned yesterday, but only a fraction of those were I-129Fs. There appear to be several people on the boards who are doing this for informational purposes - mostly to track which dates seem to be getting processed at any given time. Other people certainly know more about it than I do " I could figure it out only for California's center. If someone can do it for Vermont (number start with EAC), plz share. I am definitely interest in what dates are processing as EAC#.
  7. For those who is curious, they are processing i-485 delivered on March 18-ish now. Lots of patience...
  8. In the instructions they say not to duplicate supporting documents.
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