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  1. Sorry, my ceremony was not in Houston.
  2. I was a bit worried to about studying. When I received the study booklet after my biometrics I was like, how am I going to memorize all 100 question and answer. But it was easy! I made my own flashcards and asked my husband to read the flashcards for me and I answer. I would also listen to the audio CD that came with the study guide while I drive. I did all that two weeks prior to my interview. Good luck!
  3. UPDATE: I am finally a US citizen as of yesterday!! So relieved that I am finally done with USCIS. The ceremony was short but sweet in an old courthouse building in Chattanooga TN with 37 applicants from 10 to 15 different countries. I am probably the only applicant there with 13 family members. HA! But it was fun to have my family(in-laws) there to celebrate my citizenship. If my original ceremony date wasn't cancelled, it would have been just me, my husband and 3 other family members. So, I guess, the snow storm last month was a blessing in disguise. Plus, Chattanooga was only under 2 hour-drive from where I live as opposed to Memphis which is a 4-hour drive.
  4. Hello, everyone! Yesterday was the day I have been waiting for! After a cancelled oath ceremony due to inclement weather, yesterday I was finally naturalized!! I am a US citizen!! It was such a great feeling and the weather couldn't have been more perfect! It was a short and sweet ceremony in an old courthouse building in Chattanooga TN with 37 applicants from 10 to maybe 15 different countries.The courtroom was full of proud families and friends. I am so happy its over and that I don't have to deal with USCIS anymore! Best of luck to those who are still waiting! <3
  5. I never had any issues. I was unemployed also(my husband was the one working). It shouldn't matter like the other ones said. Good luck!
  6. Awesome! I wonder when will they open the office.
  7. Congratulations!!! Mine is exactly a year. Originally, my oath was last month, but thanks to the inclement weather, the ceremony got cancelled.
  8. Lynyogini

    N-400 June 2017 Filers

    It is easier than you think! I suggest making your own flashcards and listen to audio whenever you can. I listen to it for two weeks before my interview in my car wherever I go.
  9. My case was in-line for interview for 8 months. Fingerprinted on March, status changed to in-line for an interview the same month and then on November, I received a text/email notification that my interview was scheduled. I'd say try to be patient! It will be here soon! Good luck!
  10. I got the same recommended for approval form. After a week, I received a text/email notification that I'm in-line for an oath and then 6 days after that, I received another text/email notification that my oath ceremony has been scheduled. Congratulations!!!
  11. Yay!! Such an awesome news! I'm so glad that you finally get it resolved. Persistence always pays off.
  12. I'm so sorry you have to go through this! Can you call them on the 11th(Sunday)? I didn't know they are available on weekends. I would call them again on Friday and demand it(in a nice way, of course).
  13. They will normally give you enough time to study. And, yes, I did! My oath ceremony will be in two and a half weeks and it's closer to where I live!!! Hoping for a great weather this time!
  14. I received a notice in the mail a month before my interview.