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  1. Dude, where's my Green Card?

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    2. sachinky


      I feel like it's too soon to contact the Congressman. He's been very helpful during the entire process and we might end up calling him if it doesn't come in a few more weeks. I am planning on scheduling an INFOPASS if there's nothing in the mail by mid-July. Thankfully, I can start my job with my visa/stamp and SSN. I'd just like to have all my paperwork in hand so this wait is frustrating.

    3. Darnell


      any change of address issues?

    4. sachinky


      I changed the address at POE and then filed the AR-11 online and sent the I-865 via snailmail. The address on the DS230 is my in-law's place so I'll receive it either way. I spoke to USCIS earlier this week and they said card-production hasn't been ordered so I can't see the address change being an issue.

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