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  1. Yeah brother why not we have to come together and support each other in this time.
  2. Neesha in this immigration real couples are mostly struggling don't worry you will be approved I can understand AP can make you both sleepless for nights but that's what time is to support each other and trying to calm down embassy will be working on your case you will hear something soon.
  3. Hey Neesha don't freeking out i can understand ur situation in AP but good thing is that there are highly chances of approval in AP from india. They just put your case in AP to check something or maybe something they have to done its left before sometimes they do that just for another background check. It can be resolved anywhere from few days to weeks or even months very rare cases are going up to the months so hopefully your will be out from AP soon. You not have to do anything in this AP other than just waiting for approval and keep checking your status on ceac.
  4. Guys we all are in same situation like you NandV can't come here same our fiance can't either. Now questions is that what we can do? it's really frustrated guys to stuck in this situation but sadly nothing in our hands. So NandV question is for you are you going to apply Cr1 visa after marriage? and what state in India are you going to marry ?
  5. In a same situation my friend but couldn't understand what to do
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