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  1. Yeah, this was my intent as well. As long as you have your flights booked before you reserve your appointment (they ask for that information when you reserve your appointment) and allow for ample time to get from Oakland to SF, you could very well do this.
  2. The dates for appointments fill up very fast. I was hoping to go immediately after my oath because it wasn't clear to me how long it would take them to actually get the passport in my hands. However, the earliest date I was allowed to go is at most 13 days from my flight. So if your flight is say on the 15th of August, you can go any day that is available starting from August 2. You cannot get an appointment date earlier than that.
  3. I booked mine online ( https://passportappointment.travel.state.gov/ ). If you are leaving the Wednesday after, you can get an appointment there (or by calling) and get the passport ASAP (even within a day). Assuming you fill up all documents, it takes ~ 30 minutes to get done at the office. The only bit to carefully manage is that the earliest appointment you can get is thirteen days before your trip. So you gotta make sure that you time that right.
  4. @kasd I quit my job a short time before the interview. I was asked reg. current employment, I awkwardly responded saying I was unemployed. It didn't seem to bother him. He just asked me for my last date at work and we moved on to other questions.
  5. @SFWolf I applied at the passport office for an expedited passport (with evidence of impending flight plans in < two weeks). I got in ~ 2 days. The great thing was that I could go pick up my passport and my naturalization certificate from them in person. I preferred that as opposed to trusting USPS to deliver the certificate without folding it.
  6. Reg. name change: I believe for people who are doing a name change as part of a marriage, it is supposedly easier in that USCIS is willing to update your name to the new name without requesting a court order. Unclear to me why it would be the case. Mine wasn't just a last name change and when I mentioned I'd be changing my name, the officer was hesitant till I brought up the court order. Oddly enough, I was asked to submit a copy of it even during my passport application which was a bit confusing because my naturalization certificate was in my new name. Congrats to both of you for getting into the July oath. I just got my passport so I am all done!
  7. Updating this thread: I attended my naturalization ceremony here in the bay area. Looks like at least here, the rules for updating your SSA record still involve waiting "minimum two weeks" and then going to the SSA office or mailing them the details. They had a booth to apply for a passport but didn't have one for SSA updates.
  8. Got naturalized today! I was a bit surprised by how relaxed the ceremony was. The USCIS officer in charge was telling people to close their eyes, relax and take deep breaths (felt like a yoga class lol) and was cracking jokes as she talked. There were 805 people from around ~ 80 countries! Interestingly, I saw the officer who did my interview there as well examining N445 documents so it looks like the . A few notes: - If you submitted name change documents during your interview, make sure you bring a copy of those (court order) documents with you alongside your N445. The officer was happy that I had those with me and said that avoided a delay (especially because my Green Card and N445 had differing names) - I saw someone next to me inform the officer of travel in between the interview and the ceremony. They brought a photo copy of their passport with exit and entry stamps. So again not super particular there. - If you are applying for a passport, make sure you do so using the DS-11 that you get when you go to the interview. Apparently, it has special writing on it that says that it is valid for use during the oath ceremony. You have to pay only by money order or check if you are applying there. - Looks like SSNs can be updated only two weeks after the oath. Some folks were saying you could update your SSN at the oath ceremony in other offices. Looks like that is not the case here in Oakland. Good luck to everyone else! This has been a looooong journey!
  9. Depends on what your local service center is and whether they follow some cadence at which oath ceremonies are scheduled. E.g in the SF service center, oath ceremonies are scheduled every month roughly half way through the month, this means that if you were say doing your interview in SF on the 22nd of July, you could see yourself getting sworn in the middle of August. Note that there are places (e.g. NJ) where people get their oath done on day of interview. So you need to look into specifics for your service center.
  10. Yeah, I am not surprised if this is not the best time to be applying for a passport what with it being summer.
  11. Ah cool. I am guessing that if it is available at the oath ceremony, the 10 day restriction no longer exists? I have a day before I need to visit the passport office to submit my passport for an expedited application, so I might as well try going to the SSA office the next day (if I can't get it done during the oath ceremony).
  12. Just to close the loop on this, I finally booked a date for a visit to the passport office online. Unfortunately, the earliest I could do this was 13 days before travel date. Even calling them didn't help (they refused to move it earlier).
  13. I have read elsewhere on this forum that one needs to wait ~ 10 days post oath before contacting the SSA with new details. Does this still apply in 2019? Also, do I need to have my original naturalization certificate when I go in? (I was planning on submitting a passport application and going in a few days later to the SSA with a copy of the naturalization certificate).
  14. @semonowe The paramount theatre website has the dates for the upcoming months (http://www.paramounttheatre.com/) . The August ceremony is on the 14th.
  15. Ahh, that is unfortunate! :-( At least, you can start planning on a summer trip/vacation without worrying about passports and such for a bit. Just realized that the end to end process is now 14-15 months. Damn..
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