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  1. @Jayson Barney They will definitely accept exam and biometrics both done in Delhi. Just make sure the physician is on the list of approved Panel Physicians of US Consulate in New Delhi. Mohali is in Punjab, north of New Delhi just for clarification. So in my case, the Mumbai consulate accepted biometric from New Delhi (far away from Mumbai), and medical exam from Mohali (even farther away from Mumbai).
  2. @NikC I am happy to report that the Mumbai consulate accepted our Medical which was done in Mohali, Punjab, and biometrics which was done in New Delhi.
  3. Our interview was on 4/30/18, and I can confirm the following two points: Medical can be done by approved panel physicial on New Delhi Embassy list Biometrics can be done at any VAC that does biometrics, it doesn't have to be in Mumbai. Hope this makes it easier for someone in the future!
  4. We already got the a) Biometric done in Delhi and b) Medical done in Mohali. US consulate interview is in the last week of this month, I guess we will find out then if it was a requirement to do Biometrics and Medicals only in Mumbai.
  5. Thanks for sharing your feedback, this will save people a lot of time.
  6. I decided I decided to get the medical done in Mohali as well. Both the US Travel Docs staff and the medical clinics have confirmed that the we can do the interview at any of the approved panel physicians, including the Mohali or New Delhi. I would have liked to hear an official confirmation from US Consulate or NVC, but I am fine with the current level of assurance that I've gotten from the Indian support staff. Anyone else following this advice will have to make their own decision.
  7. @Mann2268 Is anyone planning to get the Medical done in Mohali or New Delhi?
  8. Maybe this video tutorial will help. Tutorial Video
  9. Trick is to "Print" your PDF file into another PDF file using something like PrimoPDF 1. Install PrimoPDF, see link below or google it 2. Open your document in your favorite PDF viewer 3. Important >> Select Primo PDF from the drop down menu as your printer 4. Follow the PrimoPDF wizard instructions, select a quality, and hit print. 5. Look at the new PDF that was just created, if it's under the size limit then great otherwise redo the process from step 2, and go down in quality in step 4. http://www.primopdf.com
  10. I called Mumbai consulate, they gave me the phone number of US Travel Docs helpdesk, which said the following: 1. Visa Application Center, not the consulate, will handle the biometrics/fingerprinting. They have 4 VAC locations throughout India, and said you can get it done at any location irrespective of your interivew consulate. 2. Visa Application Center is also the place where you pick up the passport once its ready (around 3 days after the interview is what I've read). 2. Also said that Medical can be done at any of the panel physicians approved by any US consulate in India. I would really like some confirmation of this, directly from the embassy, but haven't been able to receive that yet. See below for the Visa Application Center locations.
  11. @Jeevan, do you mean to say that your Cover Sheet is still showing NWD and not BMB? What you showed in the screenshot is what I consider the cover sheet, and mine showed BMB whereas previous it showed NWD.
  12. Good question, my case went from NWD to BMB after I had sumbitted my forms. If you haven't yet submitted your NVC forms, you will be able to print out a new Cover Sheet from NVC's online portal: https://ceac.state.gov/IV/Login.aspx I just confirmed that my Cover Sheet has been updated to reflect the new BMB Case ID. Another note - internally to the NVC, both case IDs are valid. I found out when I was talking to an NVC agent over the phone and gave her my NWD case ID instead of BMB.
  13. I also received an e-mail on 2/15/18 that our case changed from NWD (New Delhi) to BMB (Mumbai) consulate. I called NVC and they basically said that around 2/15, New Delhi stopped processing ALL immigration visas and that all immigration visas will be processed in the Bombay consulate. It's possible that the Mumbai (BMB) consulate will be busier than usual resulting in longer wait to schedule appointments. NVC's phone number is 1-603-334-0700. - Press 1 for english, and then - Press 3 to talk to the operator
  14. adidas


    It's a bummer that things are still very inconsistent and convoluted in India. Seems like the Pune RPO (Regional Passport Office) took one step backwards compared to the Nagpur PSK (Passport Seva Kendra). I am glad you were able to finally get your PCC. I"ll be trying this process in Punjab shortly, and I'll update this thread with my experience. Thanks for the detailed write-up, it definitely helps!