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  1. Oh my gosh that is so long....im so glad it all worked out though. This is the most heartbreaking thing. I just want to be with my husband.
  2. Did anyone else here get a 221G for additional proof of relationship?
  3. I hope this will be over soon for you and us too. Its ridiculous how long this wait is.
  4. It was in Mumbai. Yeah we submitted like 4 screenshots of chats and call logs from every month we have known each otber, all screenshots of us video chatting, a letter about how we met/why we got married, every Facebook/instagram post we made about each other including the comments from our friends and family, letters of support from our friends and family, pictures of us videochatting with each others family, money transfers between us, our marriage certificate and photos and literally every picture we ever took together. It came out to like 250 or 300 pages plus all the photos. I hope we both get through this quickly. Was your fiancees interview also in mumbai? When he submitted his documents they told him he would recieve a response in 3-4 days but that sounds too good to be true honestly.
  5. My husbands interview was on Monday and we had pretty much the same experience. The lady was very rude to him, accused him of lying, wouldn't look at any of our evidence and gave us 221g to submit basically everything he had in his hand. There were only 2 things he didnt bring that they requested. We just submitted a heap of evidence and are just praying. Please let me know when you recieve a response and I will do the same for you so we have a better idea of the timeline.
  6. Are you still waiting for a response? And im sorry, it really does suck.
  7. Yeah...just hoping I could hear anyone's experience. I didn't know if them returning his passport was a sign that he'd have to come for a second interview.
  8. My husband had his CR1 interview on the 17th. The officer was very rude to him, accused him of lying and wouldn't let him finish speaking multiple times. I won't go into the specifics but the interview only got slightly positive toward the end when she learned I have visited him 3 times in the last year and that he talks to my mother on a regular basis. She gave him a 221g for evidence of our relationship. Everything she asked for on the paper he had with him except for 2 of the things. But she wouldnt look at anything we brought. In fact it seemed like she didn't look at our file at all even before the interview. Anyway. They gave him back his passport. He asked if he should submit it when he went to submit he additional proof but they said no, and if they needed it they will request it later. Has anyone had a similar experience? How long did it take to recieve a response and outcome? We have submitted everything possible, probably 300 pages and literally every picture we have ever taken. I just hope it will be enough, I am worried sick.
  9. I'm not sure we're trying to find one as close to him as possible, somewhere in punjab or delhi,
  10. We are trying to schedule my husbands biometrics appointment. I go to ustraveldocs.com and try to create an account but I keep getting an error that says " Your request cannot be processed at this time. The site administrator has been alerted. User could not be created. Please ensure First Name and Last Name are entered as they are in your passport. any idea what the problem is? It did this yesterday as well. @Ajt3 have you done this yet?
  11. Thank you! I am sure you're super excited as well. Will you be getting a hotel to stay at for the interview? We're looking for somewhere, I know a lot of people stay at Trident but we can't really afford that especially if it takes 5 days to get your passport back.
  12. I didn't actually get the letter yet I only called. But I think they switched all the spouse visas to Mumbai, ill have to double check the letter when we get it though. It would be nice if we got Delhi, would be much closer for my husband!
  13. yep! That's where they all are right? I didn't actually ask them to specify.