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  1. That is supposed the come to u by 3weeks.but as I didn't get my Social security card by then,I went directly to the office, filled the form and got my Social security card within a week..
  2. Hey I'm good ..welcome to the US..I got my GC like a month ago.You can track through your green card payment receipt number starts with IOE.
  3. That's great.All good here.Enjoying life.As I don't started working yet so weekdays are boring when husband is at work .But love weekends.Preparing for road test by next month.Which airline will u fly by?
  4. Just the visa package and medical CD along with the passport.This is what u need.Nothing else.when r u coming? Best wishes for your journey.
  5. Hey @Abies I am good..Got my learner's permit test.Now warming up for the driver's license..Did u get yours? Planning to start schooling for educator preparation programme.How's it going for u?
  6. That's good.I have similar plans.I am good.Everything is good here..Not yet..I haven't started working yet ..I am getting prepared for MTEL(teacher's licensure) here in Massachusetts.I have plans to join schools for teaching..
  7. Thank u so much.Next step is driver's license .R u planning to go for the driver's test anytime soon??
  8. It depends.. somebody gets GC Really early and somebody gets it after 2months.i got mine 5weeks after POE.You can track it by the receipt number starts with IOE in the USCIS site.It says check case status.
  9. Yes have plans.but for that need to learn driving here .. from next week start learning driving from husband or father in law..😜
  10. Yes it depends on their empty slots for the road tests.i Haven't learned the ways of driving here yet🙄
  11. Yes so after this you can check your status Tomorrow and can find out another status saying usps picked up your mail or something like that and you can find the tracking number there.I think by Saturday you will get it.
  12. Thank u and wow that's a great news.So he will eventually pass the road test too.That's good to know.😍
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