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  1. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/monthly_filers.php?form=2&visa=3&scenter=3&option=3&sortby=2 saw even 1 from may
  2. gbhj

    good luck with your interview !


    if possible please do share your experience once done

    1. Punn


      Thank you ....visa approve 

      It was simple and easy ....I entered at 7 and exit 9.30...

      Questions asked were 

      who is calling you ...Arrange wedding or love...who arrange your wedding...how many people attended your wedding...question related to husband and his family ...then they watch album ...that’s it 

  3. oh ok, i am wondering did they transfer any more cases.. just checked mine , no update... good luck with the new centre ! wishing a speedy approval, keep us posted
  4. good luck with your interview !


    if possible please do share your experience once done

  5. "through the thick and thin" In life you are going to face many such situations which will test your individuality and leave you cornered alone . I know its going to sound easy said then done but these are the situations which if you power through will later down the line will become your relationship milestones . Being acknowledged and getting respect are basic human needs; when both lack, powering through such hardships is what builds a stronger tomorrow. Its good to vent and so beautiful to see that the community on this forum is so supportive. Try some social activity like cooking/sport/any hobby that starts to re-establish your own social worth and this will give you some current memories to share with your spouse , friends & family. This will give your spouse a signal that s/he might be missing out on chances to create such memories with you. I am no expert but felt sometimes words said are better than kept tp yourself.
  6. congratulations on your i130 approval!! 


    Please can you share if you applied for 129f also or just 130 alone ? 



    Good luck with NVC

  7. i hope i am not asking too much but please can you share where did it get transferred to ? and good luck ! hope the transfer expedites the process
  8. seems like the processing just hit a roadblock ... 😕 no cases since 29th
  9. heres a thought why not keep this trip a short one, she goes back and re-applies for a tourist visa .. since she will leave US with a short visit trip and return before anything expires this will show the VO that she has returned and not at risk of AOS/with immigrant intent. Consequently, this might increase her chance for a B2 visa... Since her country is india the B2 visa will in most likely be for 10 years and that will solve everything and then you can take your time with your future course of action. Just DO NOT go for a way around with any information or documents you give to USCIS or in DS 160. Remember a ban of 10 years is a big possibility .
  10. nice! please can you share was this ESTA visit or B1/B2? IF B1/B2 how long were you stamped to stay for ? i mean did they put an exit by this date stamp on your i94 on passport? Thanks
  11. yeah i meant substitute the example with whatever she plans to pursue..
  12. 1. When/if VO asks the question what do you do currently? - before stating her job as a cashier i would say it would be nice to clearly mention that she is pursuing nursing 2. The reply seems legit i think she should, whereas showing you as a sponsor clears the VO's doubt and makes it a reasonable grounds to rejection as then VO knows if she decides to not come back then you will take care of her financially .. (not a legal expert or expert consular advise.. just my own knowledge.. ) 3. i am from India and out here immigration consultant industry is one of the top money lynching sectors fooling people out of their hard earned money. Your case is a 100% genuine and thus you have 100% genuine doubts and worries.. you are at the right place right now , use the knowladge of public forum to garner confidence and remember since usually no document is seen by VO's thus there is nothing any consultant can do and if the replies to VO's questions felt scripted i.e premeditated taught by consultants then that sure might lead to a rejection.. Conclusion , give a 100% honest attempt and hope for the best. don't over do over think and over prepare. No one can guarantee YES or NO but a proper honest attempt can guarantee no future trouble
  13. Country for i130 spouse beneficiary shouldn't be a factor .. (well hopefully not) something that sure can help is calling uscis on repeat, sending email just somehow compel them to bring your file up a bit.
  14. update changed my return to under a month , so this question is more for information now...
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