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  1. Hello, NVC document submetted on dec 4 NVC DQ 3rd Feb .
  2. I got email that our case was approved on oct -9 but the status on My account on 2 step verification has yet to be updated
  3. congratulations ! Just wondering since you mentioned NVC sent the updated ; was your case not updated on the uscisc My account / case tracker ?
  4. all dates am hearing from are exactly around mine 🙂 i hope to hear something soon too ! Good luck with NVC guys & those waiting like me , guys we are almost there
  5. exactly this is why i am worried, for india currently the NVC to interview is taking 9 months and on top of that few cases gone to AP with taking few more months so this is why i am trying to gather more information and be on the safe side of things.
  6. We are over the 864P chart figure as that requires $26,662 for household of 3 ( Me, my spouse & her younger brother who she has been filling as dependent in her taxes). But i am trying to be on the safe side as i have been reading numerous cases going though AP during NVC visa stage post interview with requirement of new sponsor or sponsor related issue
  7. Hello, Please can anyone help me by sharing information with regard to i-864 ; My spouse has filled i-130 petitioned for me and we will be going through the NVC process , for the income she is earning $34k in california (might not meet the cut-off) so we are thinking about asking the spouse's Immediate family to help us by filling i-864 . The question is ; the family member is on a greencard , so i was wondering is that an issue?
  8. https://www.visajourney.com/timeline/monthly_filers.php?form=2&visa=3&scenter=3&option=3&sortby=2 saw even 1 from may
  9. gbhj

    good luck with your interview !


    if possible please do share your experience once done

    1. Punn


      Thank you ....visa approve 

      It was simple and easy ....I entered at 7 and exit 9.30...

      Questions asked were 

      who is calling you ...Arrange wedding or love...who arrange your wedding...how many people attended your wedding...question related to husband and his family ...then they watch album ...that’s it 

  10. oh ok, i am wondering did they transfer any more cases.. just checked mine , no update... good luck with the new centre ! wishing a speedy approval, keep us posted
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