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    Matt and I met in 2004 at Dragon* Con in Atlanta. Exchanged email addresses and IM names, talked for a while. Went down for Thanksgiving later that year. Talked and visited back and forth until September of '08 when we got engaged. After a bit of planning and getting my K-1, we finally got married in May of 2010. Still have to get AOS/EAD/AP done, but hope to do so soon.As of November 18th, I received my GC and am done with USCIS for 2 years! ^_^Filed for ROC in August of 2012 and went to Des Moines for Biometrics on October 15. As of April 8, 2013, my ROC was approved and I am patiently waiting for my 10 year GC to arrive!10 year GC arrived on June 18th!!! N-400 is next but we're going to give ourselves a break this year and start working on it in 2014.

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  1. This is what I'm struggling with. We're coming up on our 8 year wedding anniversary at the end of the month and I STILL HAVEN'T APPLIED. I'll have to ask a friend of mine that just finished her last year which one she did , too. Less paperwork would be LOVELY!
  2. magentahaze

    Us citizenship categories

    That would be lovely... or any help. Being here on VJ really helped with my K1 and what followed that, so I'm sure I'll be here for any questions I have with this part.
  3. magentahaze

    Us citizenship categories

    Yeah, the fees going up is what I wondering about. I mostly just wanted to take a break from not having to do paperwork. I think almost 8 years is a long enough break. For me, it's mostly timing for applying as well. From where I live, the Federal office is a 3 hour drive. And we have a trip planned later this year, so I want to make sure that I don't have to go for any appointments while we're out of state. Applying online is something I think I might look into. It's the gathering of all the paperwork and such that takes the longest. I end up taking over various parts of the house with piles and sticky notes.
  4. magentahaze

    Us citizenship categories

    This is confusing to me as well. I've kind of been dragging my feet on applying - mostly out of anxiety of not passing the test. I came into the US on a K1 visa, got married 5/10 and my GC was issued on 11/10. I guess I'll just go under the 5 year option.