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  1. Hello, I was asked to post a follow-up question: "Does having been approved for the green card via amnesty in 91 negate overstaying the visa several years prior? Doesn't 'amnesty' mean the the green card was given because previous immigration issue was forgiven?"
  2. Thanks @Boiler and @HRQX, I will pass this along. So from your comments this sounds very serious. Could she be deported?
  3. Hi VJ, I am writing this for a friend and am hoping this wonderful community which has helped my through the CR-1 and Removal of Conditions processes can help give my friend some much needed advice. This started last week when my friend went in for her US Citizenship interview. She was told by the interviewer that she had a letter issued to her in 1974 for voluntary departure from the US. Here is her timeline as she remembers it. Please know this was over 50 years ago, so some things are not fully remembered: 1969 came to the US on a 90 day visitors visa, applied for and was approved for a 90 day extension. 19679/1970 Applied for a 2-year student visa and was approved. Was issued a ss# 1972 Applied to Renew the student visa and was approved Got married to a US citizen in 1973 1974 received a letter telling her to leave the US since her studies should have been completed. Husband scheduled 2 appointments at the country embassy, but they did not attend either appointment. Says her husband filed some sort of petition for her because she was allowed to work. Believed this was resolved. Fast forward to 1991: Under Reagan, she applied for and was granted a 10-year green card through the amnesty program (her husband did not sponsor her). She has renewed it twice so far. She was divorced in 1995 Husband also died in 1995 2020 she decided to apply for US Citizenship. At the interview, was told about the voluntary departure letter from 1974. She informed interviewer about the amnesty and green-card she had been issued, and that she had been married to a US citizen. Was told it did not matter that she was married to a US citizen, and that he did not have any information/documents about the amnesty his office, so he issued her a N-652 that said she passed the civics test, but that a decision could not be reached and to await further information. Does anyone have any idea what this means? What should my friend expect? And what should she do next? Thanks for your assistance.
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