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  1. Wanted to let everyone know- I verified that Italian Police Certificates are indeed good for 1 year from issuance.
  2. Hi, I got married in Italy, but I got the Atto Notorio here in the states at my local Italian consulate. Then, a few months before the wedding I went to Italy and we knocked out all the additional consulate appointments, announcements, and paperwork necessary for the wedding process. So when I went back for the wedding, all we needed was to have witnesses (wedding guests) sign forms at the town hall. Hope that helps!
  3. Hello, Yesterday was the 6 month mark, my NOA1 date was August 8, 2016. When I originally started my timeline, it told me the estimated date of completion was Dec 21st, so I started gathering all paperwork for the NVC stage with that date in mind, including my employer letters. Everything was ready to go, but now we are 2 months into 2017 and I'm wondering if I need new employer letters verifying my income for 2017 since they are both dated Nov/Dec 2016. Can anyone verify this for me? I will be sending Tax returns from 2013, 2014, and 2015. So the employer letters verified my 2016 income. (Depending on how long the process takes, I may need to file my 2016 return by the time I am able to send in my paperwork!) Also, my husband is Italian and we gathered all his paperwork for NVC (police certificates, etc) early. Does anyone know if these expire (only accepted within 6 months/1year of issue)? Police certificates Oct 2016 Military records Apr 2016 Stato di Famiglia Feb 2016 & Apr 2016 Proof of current residency May 2016 Thanks for your help!