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  1. you must down status in your smart phone(iPhone, Samsung)
  2. That was NOT TRUE, he should be get one
  3. It was some things wrong my friend only 3 or 5 days you have to get it.
  4. I received my green card Today. Thank you so much everyone and good luck.
  5. Bank account with both names and (credit card) house lease bills for the last 2 years copies of tax returns 2 years health insurance (both names) insurance Car (both names) car titles(both names) house title (both names) copy of green card copy of driver license and more....
  6. Finally Received today my, it was Approved 26th December , I'm grateful to God. This is my prayer to everyone, you will all receive your cards in Jesus name Amen. ALSO To thanks VJ help me since 2007 and Thank you so much for ALL Everyone to help HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMMILY 2018 AND GOOD LUCK.
  7. - Bank statements (checking and saving accounts) showing joint ownership - Tax Return Transcript for the 2 years from Internal Revenue Service (married filing jointly0
  8. August 22, 2016 filer. Checked case status online today, saw that I-751 was approved (i.e. card being produced) on December 26, 2017 , Could somebody please update the list? Many thanks Here is my timeline: Date filed 08/19/16 NOA 08/22/16 Bio 10/04/16 Approved 12/26/17 Also Thank you so much for person Help Zombie69 And AUSTINCANADA Good luck to you and your Family Finally, after all the waiting!! Good luck everyone!
  9. From Csc 15-18 months Vsc 10-12 months
  10. Thank you so much for your kindly to respond
  11. no, it was wrong I am not Approved yet .I would like to know any one Approved Today.
  12. Hello Anybody Approved today Thank you