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  1. Wow! You have a heart of gold. I have no advice, but it's refreshing to see someone who is so compassionate. Best of luck <3
  2. Green card arrived today! VSC approval was 5/31/17. Good luck & love to all still waiting!
  3. Got notice yesterday that our card is being produced! VSC
  4. Hi guys! We are VSC and just got the approval letter for ROC! Our online status has never changed from our initial filing. VSC NOA: 06/10/16 Date of decision: 05/31/17 Letter arrived: 06/03/2017 Good luck to everyone!
  5. SherryandDaniel

    Change of Address--AR-11 issues?

    This is very helpful! Thank you!
  6. Hello! We moved for the first time in the immigration process. I did fill out AR-11 online, but initially had issues with it accepting the EACXXXXXXX number. I ended up putting the Application number off of the biometrics letter that doesn't work for checking a case status. However, that worked for the AR-11. However when I search visajourney, some people a few years ago speak of needing to file a second AR-11 for their CRI89 application number (the second number on the biometrics appointment letter that allows you to check the case status). Is that still the case? I didn't see how I could do that online. Also does the change of address ACTUALLY work? lol Apologies but I'm so hesitant about anything with USCIS. Since we're so close to the application being reviewed by VSC (fingers crossed--June 2016 filer here!), I wouldn't want the green card or interview request to be inadvertently mailed to the old address. Thanks in advance for your help!