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  1. I got the 24 month extension on 12/31/21. My status changed "January 5, 2022, we are ready to schedule your Form I-751". It's been 5 months already. Sometimes I fear the mailman put my interview notice in the wrong mailbox.
  2. Is there a expiration date on scheduling the interview? I did not know the process would be this fast. They are hoping to visit the US around August 2023.
  3. When you say "Post Branch", I'm assuming that's a post office?
  4. I'm not sure since this is my 1st time doing it. From what I read, it's the applicant responsibility to schedule the interview. I still wonder when is that allowed since the DS 160 has to be reviewed and approved by Dept of State.
  5. ok, after some more cropping, I got it to accept it. So I do another one for my mother in law. Any chance the interview will be on different days?
  6. I just cropped it and it's still did not accept it. So I clicked continue without uploading photo and it told me to bring the photo to the interview. I guess that's still good?
  7. yes these are for tourist visas. I think the photos I have I more rectangular than square. Maybe if I crop it, they will take it.
  8. I'm trying to fill out application for my inlaws(Vietnamese) on ceac. When I uploaded my father in law's pic, I get a message that "head size or position relative to image dimensions may be incorrect". Has anyone ran across this issue and how did you fix it? Also, am I suppose to do one application for my father in law and a separate for mother in law? It seems like this application asked mostly information about my father in law's education, work history, etc.
  9. I'm trying to apply for my wife's parents to visit the US. When I fill out the DS160 online for them(they are not tech savvy), does it require a digital signature from my wife's mom and dad?
  10. Wow, I did not know that. Thanks. Her date of notice is 4/27/21. so with 18 month extension, we should be able to beat summer 2022 timeline.
  11. Hi guys, I have two questions that I hope some could help. 1. the service center processing the I751 is NBC. Is that the Nebraska center? 2. Wife's 2 year green card expired. Is there anyway she can travel back to her home country and then reenter the US?
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