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  1. Ok, seems like I created an account for my.uscis.gov instead of egov.uscis.gov. Now I have account for both. The latter is giving me case update. But, it is same old news. More waiting time I guess.
  2. I just created a "my account" for USCIS. When I try to add a "paper filed case" by entering the USCIS case receipt number(from NOA1), I get an "synching error" message. Am I doing this wrong?
  3. Really? You got the notice online before they mailed the approval letter?
  4. My wife can barely read English. Any chance I can fill out for her? Also, NVC process is all online? There are no actual hard copy paper that I mail in?
  5. DS261 and DS260 forms are electronically filled by beneficiary?
  6. petitioner and beneficiary?
  7. How many years back are we talking?
  8. I’m in the same dilemma. I864 looks manageable. But ds260 looks intimidating.
  9. IloveDanang

    Marriage in Vietnam

    rbz, I don't mean to change to topic(don't know how to PM on VJ), but have you got you NOA2? You timeline said your NOA is 4/2 but historical data shows that NOA1s with date of 4/21 are being processed.
  10. IloveDanang

    Uscis approval

    36 days? Care to give us your secrets?
  11. I’ve been monitoring the Nebraska historical chart for some time now. I swear yesterday that it said NOA1 with date of April 13 are being processed. Today, it shows that NOA1 with date of April 11 are being processed. How is it going backward? Also, the chart shows 255 days for NOA1 to Noa2 at Nebraska. But the visa timeline stats page shows 230 days between NOA1 and noa2. Which is accurate?