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  1. Niceguy, so you you don’t need a green card or ssn to get health insurance?
  2. Asking because I need to get wife health insurance once she arrives in the US. I think the green card arrives with in 2 weeks. Can I apply the SSN for her with the GC in hand?
  3. Do you have to scan Global Entry at the kiosk or do you let the immigration officer do it?
  4. I don’t mean to get off topic but you can get your Global Entry paid by a credit card promotional offering. That’s how I got mine in addition to the points that I used for your week stay in Ho Chi Minh City. It really reduced the expense of this trip.
  5. So you didn’t go through the US citizens side? Btw, out poE is also DFW.
  6. Can I guide my wife through the immigration side? She doesn’t speak much English. I think our layover is 2h40m.
  7. We just received the cr1 visa. Trying to pay the green card fee at USCIS website. The site is asking for the DOS#. This is the same number as our NVC case# except that it has an additional “01” at the end of it. So it’s EEEYYYYOOOSSS01. But when I try to type it in, it won’t accept the last character which is the “1”. Seems like the DOS# is one character too long for the USCIS website.
  8. Wife passed the interview last week but still no visa. Go I have to play this green card/immigration fee to get the visa?
  9. Not sure if this is the place to ask. But my Wife just passed her vida interview. I guess next step is to pay for green card fee online. My question is about the expiration of the green card. Does it expire in 2 years of 10 years?
  10. What did your wife say about reading the domestic/sexual abuse?
  11. Our interview is this upcoming Thursday. Just trying to be as ready as possible. I was told by a relative that there was an interview fee sound $120. This this even true? It doesn’t say anything about it in the interview letter. Also, do we bring 1copy or 2 copies of beneficiary’s passport? Been reading conflicting info on travel.state.gov.
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