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  1. wornoutcowboy

    Giving up former citizenship? Who actually knows?

    Couldn't he fly out of Laos and into Thailand on his Lao passport and then present the American passport on arrival in the USA? When he leaves Laos they actually have no idea where he is going.
  2. wornoutcowboy

    Giving up former citizenship? Who actually knows?

    Yes, I know Laos does not allow dual citizenship but my question is would they ever know if my partner became a citizen of the USA. When he went back to Laos couldn't he just travel in on his Lao passport?
  3. My Laotian born partner is eligible for USA citizenship at this point and wants it. The only problem is he will be required to give up his Laotian citizenship. He is very hesitant to do so being he does plan to return to live there one day. My question is who actually would know in Laos if he took USA citizenship? Couldn't he just keep his Lao passport when he returns to Laos? Has anyone on the forum actually been able to do this? At the swearing in ceremony does the USA take up former passports? Do they take the green card? Anyone try this yet? Thanks.
  4. Well, it has been four years plus since my partner and I submitted out paperwork for the K-1 visa and yesterday he finally received his permanent green card. I believe out visa journey ends here since he decided not to apply for USA citizenship. So, I continue to wish all the same sex applicants good luck in their journey. Prepare for a long one.
  5. Yes, it will happen so just try to relax. i know it is a big drag waiting. Any plans to apply for American citizenship? That seems to be the next dilemma except Laos does not allow dual citizenship and my partner feels he may like to return and live there one day. Anyway, the long journey is over. It has been four years plus that we mailed in our our original papers.
  6. I have 3 a same sex partner and received his green card in the mail yesterday. Keep the faith buddy. It will happen.
  7. At last! I came home from work today and had a letter with the approval of the ten year green card. So that is a relief. Oddly there was no text or email saying my partner was approved but just the letter. The NOA date was 6/27/2016 and we were at the CSC. Sometimes I think they should change the name of this website to Visalongjourney.com because it has been quite the ride. And a lengthy one at that. Next stop is thoughts of applying for citizenship. We are still undecided about doing that. Anyway, thanks for the support along the way.