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    OUR TIMELINE07.09-08.14.08 - went to Guatemala to improve my Spanish07.10.08 - 2nd day in Guatemala, we met!07.20.08 - got local cell phone, started texting/talking on the phone in addition to seeing each other *almost* daily07.23.08 - 1st unofficial date 07.24.08 - 1st official date - became a couple :D08.12.08 - we talked about marriage08.14.08 - returned to US :(09.22.08 - divorce final after 21 month separation finally!10.23.08 - I-129F sent10.29.08 - NOA112.17-12.31.08 - 2nd visit to Guatemala 12.24.08 - 5 month anniversary, got my ring "it's official!" 02.19.09 - NOA202.20.09 - forwarded to NVC02.25.09 - forwarded to US Embassy in Guatemala City04.09-04.19.09 - 3rd visit to Guatemala04.13.09 - Interview04.14.09 - pick up visa04.19.09 - POE Atlanta04.20.09 - Marriage06.09.09 - sent AOS, EAD, AP06.17.09 - NOAs issued06.24.09 - Biometrics done 3 weeks earlier than appt date07.03.09 - RFE received - Vaccination record07.07.09 - RFE response sent07.23.09 - transfer to CSC07.29.09 - EAD & AP approved08.03.09 - AP received08.06.09 - EAD received10.29.09 - first job started in US11.23.09 - AOS approved12.03.09 - GC received in mail

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  1. Cacerez

    Tourist visa for parents & sibling

    He is already a citizen, but they don't want to live here. Would it be better if we already had a loose itinerary for a vacation planned?
  2. Cacerez

    Tourist visa for parents & sibling

    She was in a program of study that gave her permission for one month to travel and then return and share her experiences. How does that not show ties to Guatemala? I guess it doesn’t matter anymore now that she is done with school, I’m just curious as to why you say it makes zero difference.
  3. My husband wants his parents and little sister to visit us here. He applied for his sister by herself 2 years ago before she turned 18 and she was denied (even though she had a letter from her school giving her a month’s permission, but they refused to look at the letter). Now, could it negatively impact his parents’ application if he applies for the 3 of them together? Or should his parents apply first and then his sister apply? Is it always all or nothing when it comes to several people applying at one time? Like - could they approve his parents and not his sister, for example?
  4. My husband became a citizen in Sept 2017 and wants to know if this helps his parents to get a tourist visa? He has also read that he can sponsor his parents’ visit as they do not have resources in the bank, but they do have their own home in Guatemala and his mother has a job to return to. They are both in their 50s.
  5. My husband’s oath ceremony was last Monday. Everything went smoothly and it was nice that it was under a tent on the yard at Poplar Forest, Thomas Jefferson’s retreat home, instead of inside a courthouse. Even the judge and the USCIS officer made reference to how much better it was this way. There were 30 people from 18 countries (but one person didn’t show up). So glad this journey is over!! Best wishes to everyone else who is still waiting - it will come soon!
  6. It took us between 3-4 months from the time we were put in line (very soon after my husband's interview) to changing to "oath scheduled". I think it also depends on where they are planning to have the oath ceremony and if they are waiting for that location to have enough people for it to be worth having it there. Ours, for example, is not in a big city; it is in a small town close to where we live. I think that may be why we had to wait longer than some.
  7. My husband's interview is on September 18 in Forest, VA.
  8. He was changed to "oath ceremony will be scheduled" about a week after his interview, so about mid-May. Hoping to hear something soon!
  9. I feel like I'm being impatient, but at the same time my husband passed his interview back on May 9 and we still haven't been scheduled an oath ceremony. His status currently says: "my Oath Ceremony will be scheduled," and the message is very confusing (it sounds like we will get a letter within 30 days, but really it's within 30 days of the mail date, I guess). Will we get another status update when the actual letter is mailed? Is there protocol as to when to contact the office to ask about the oath? I worry that the letter has been sent out and it got lost or something...
  10. Hope my husband gets his soon! Your interviews were so close and in the same office! Let me know where yours is when you get it.
  11. We had an international trip planned when we got our interview date. We immediately wrote them a letter explaining why we couldn't make it. I sent the letter with the original interview letter (we kept a copy of it) and a copy of our booking info to show we really did have a flight planned. I also sent it via a trackable method so I knew they got it. We were put back in line a few days later and were scheduled an interview about a week after that. Our office is Norfolk.