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  1. Hello all , i sent out my AOS packet last week and just received the notification that USCIS had received it. I now have a concern, i forgot to send my NOA2 approval notice for my k- visa ! Will this cause an Rfe ? Should i mail it out now or wait for Rfe ? Please, any input would be greatly appreciated !
  2. Haha ! Thank you so much for the info and the sense of humor ! I sure needed that after feeling so frustrated and overwhelmed ! 😅 Thanks again ! 😊
  3. Okay ! Thank you very much for replying ! I dont know why i am having people tell me they cant travel through airplane, and the packet is handed to the immigration officer right ?
  4. Hi all ! I have a question, Once the visa is recieved along with the packet, is the packet handed to the immigration officer at the airport of Port of entry ? Meaning, the person can travel to the U.S in airplane right ? They do not have to travel through land ? I've had several people tell me that k visa holders had to travel through land .... which i am not so sure about.
  5. That usually means there are no other dates available for an interview for that month, Some people have just checked back later in the day and they have found more days available due to cancellations. I dont know if this is true for all embassies though. This is just what i know in general. Good Luck!
  6. I want to share my excitement with all of you that have been immensely helpful through out this whole journey ! My fiancé got APPROVED this morning !!! 😍 We are beyond happy and blessed ! For those of you who are still waiting on some news or are waiting for your interview dont lose hope and remain strong !! Everything will be just fine !!