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  1. The directions and paperwork for this process really stink. There is nothing consistent! Nothing precise! Everything either contradicts one another, leaves something out, or vague. 1. Affidavit of Support? Needed or not when sending the I-130? Or when do I send? 2. Passport photos? Needed or not? Do I send with I-130? WTH So confused!
  2. I have just one more question I can't seem to locate the answer to and I have searched everywhere, even in the guided you sent me. I remember, when I did the K1, filling out banking info, showing that I could support my spouse. I am not finding that this process is requiring that, asking for support forms for that. I have printed out and read so much and nothing states that. In the K1 I had to provide 3 years of tax returns. Is that not required for bringing a family member, a parent over?
  3. Do you know if documents, like birth certificates would need to be translated? Thanks! (Ooops.. nevermind... found the answers. Thanks for all your help!)
  4. Do you know if documents, like birth certificates would need to be translated? Thanks!
  5. We are petitioning for my spouses parents to come here to live. The only two forms that I am aware of that I will require is the I-130 Petition for Alien Relative and I-864 Affidavit of Support, correct? Thanks!!
  6. MouadsWife

    90 Day Fiancee - Season 5

    You know... by looking at Evelyns Facebook page (yeah I'm a snooper peeper), what a great way to get her music promoted by being on 90 Day Fiance. https://www.facebook.com/EvelynCormierMusic/ Quote from her page, "I have some exciting news to share. Some of you may remember me alluding to a unique opportunity or new project that I have been working on over these past couple of months. Well, now I can finally share with you what it is! I have been cast in a reality show called, "90 Day Fiance" which follows the K-1 visa process, but also gives a behind the scenes look at my life as a musician. The premiere airs this Sunday, October 8th at 9 pm on TLC. I hope you will tune in!!" She seems to be promoting her music more from her 90 Day standpoint... wonder if she is using that to get ahead in her musical career to get her name out there. "Just a thought. I could be wrong".
  7. MouadsWife

    90 Day Fiancee - Season 5

    Well we all know what I think about Evelyn aka Kathy Bates... ...your right, Elizabeth is an airhead. She knew the whole time he overstayed his visa and she goes asking what's taking so long... duhhh.. never thinking thats an issue.. if I remember, or "misremember" isn't that, or couldn't that be a 10 year ban? Or am I confusing that with something else? David will be supporting and paying her family for the rest of his life. He didn't only buy two buffalo, but a wife, and a tribe. That man is going to die exhausted... and not a happy exhausted... bc he won't be getting any... :-O
  8. MouadsWife

    90 Day Fiancee - Season 5

    Omg omg omg lmao I just had a flashback... 1. Remember when Evelyn was driving and David said he didn't like it there and he wanted to move? Evelyn just kept driving and with her big smiling and said 'you will' and her smile never faltered!? Ok... so merge that thought with the movie Misery, happy Kathy Bates as Evelyn and David as the trapped writer tied to the bed in the bedroom... omg the scenario so fits! (Well,... I thought it was funny and very fitting... especially Evelyn as Kathy Bates...lmao)
  9. MouadsWife

    90 Day Fiancee - Season 5

    I cant get over Evelyn. How David is attracted to her I just can't fathom. She's too young, immature and bratty, always needing to have her own way. And the fun facts conversation over breakfast was proof of her immaturity and unwillingness to compromise and not carring about the hardships of others. I can't imagine her procreating at this point... can't call it motherhood, so I'll stick with procreating for now. And omg... Evelyn please... please.. stop smiling. I almost send her a fb message to stop smiling... lmao
  10. MouadsWife

    New Spinoff show- Before 90 Day Fiancee

    Dont know where most post went... so here we go again... as I was saying... Darcy wasn't talking like she was rich (as she was talking to whatshisface on the phone in her car, as they were speaking about postponing seeing each other bc financial issues). And for having her own clothing line... in the tell all, that outfit she had on might had looked better on her if it was a size or two bigger. I think she chose the smallest one she could get into thinking it would make her look good... was not sexy at all....
  11. MouadsWife

    New Spinoff show- Before 90 Day Fiancee

    Watching the last show... was I the only was who about fell off the couch laughing at they're fun facts that they were throwing at each other while they were eating breakfast??? and omggg... Evelyn is so immature I do not understand what David see's in her. She acts like such a child and I wish someone would sew her mouth up so she can't smile anymore. I just can't take anymoreeeee of her smilingggggggggg.....
  12. MouadsWife

    New Spinoff show- Before 90 Day Fiancee

    Everyone says that "whatshisname" (Dagnabit I can never remember his name) is being emotionally abusive to Darcey, but honestly I just don't, and haven't seen it. So he has a concern about alcohol. Someone he cared about in his past had been an alcoholic. Excessive drinking concerns him. Darcey goes out with his mom, stays out for eons at a bar, 'alone' drinking at a bar, comes home drunk... can't even hold a normal conversation and acts like a 15 year old drunk... goes running out in the bushes like jungle boy... lol... (honestly all I seen was concern on Jessies face)... My husband would have been PISSED!) And seriously.... people who tend to hang out in bars ALONE AND DRINK ALONE are serious drinkers. Now, on the other hand, "whatshisname" can hold a conversation, wants to make mature decisions, shows a caring side, wants to take care of her, but he wants to make sure she is the one first, and hey, I can understand that. Yes they argue... yes they have said names... and don't tell me couples haven't done that. But looking at the two... Darcey is the one who is not living in reality. She is completely living in a fantasy world where she is not accepting anything that 'whatshisname' is saying! She wants that fairy tale, she wants that ring... and by golly she wants it nowwww! Now in the tell all, where he jumped off the couch and got mad... I doubt that was an indication he was an abuser. More like fed up with the fantasies. I don't blame him. She's got her head stuck so far up her butt...
  13. MouadsWife

    New Spinoff show- Before 90 Day Fiancee

    The forehead is what kills it!
  14. MouadsWife

    New Spinoff show- Before 90 Day Fiancee

    Wooohoooo 90 Day Night!!!# "Courtney??? We we no flamingo???" "Because you made me cryyyy...." And the drama continues.... lol