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  1. If the couple are able to not see their/his child for a long time after the husband immigrates to the US, I'm sure they can handle not seeing each other for a few more weeks or months while the visa gets processed...However, there's no need to give any more advice in this thread as the OP and her husband have already made up their minds and asked for the passport back. I hope she keeps us updated. Good luck!
  2. Just write the name of the High School establishment and the city. I'm sure there is only one Hassan II or Massira or Tajdeed or whatever High School in your city.
  3. Hello, I brought my cat with me when I traveled from Morocco to the USA. I can't really answer your technical questions, but you can find some useful info from an official source here: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/pet-travel/bring-pet-into-the-united-states I think it would be best if you can find another vet. Try calling a few veterinary clinics and ask if they have experience with preparing cats for flights to the USA. My vet took care of everything, I only had to do one more step by myself (some official paperwork). The funny thing is no one bothered to check my paperwork at the airport. So even though you might not even need all that stuff, get it done just in case. Bon courage!
  4. Does your husband want the visa or not? Does he want complications at interview/POE or not? If yes, let him go to that doctor...
  5. It just thanked me for submitting the form and that they'd let me know when the AP is complete. And I got a reply back the same day.
  6. Yes, I sent mine to the ivcasablanca one. So don't wait any longer and send it to that email address now! Good luck!
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