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  1. Congrats on the Interview. You mean y'all Interview and not just his ?right ? 😄
  2. nothing is strange in USCIS bureaucratic World congrats on your approval
  3. In Morocco they go by the French system of a literal Family Book. Where the Book is held by the family and copy is at the county. So you can get an original document that is a copy of the extract if the birth record for like 25c. Translation from French/Arabic to English costs around $10
  4. Same thing here, I got RFE from USCIS asking for foreign birth certificate, even though it was already included in initial package. I am just going ahead and sending an original as I had three at hand
  5. Hi Gang, Here we go again. Uscis is driving me nuts. First, Illinois lockbox team rejected aos package, as I used an outdated form 😮 Now after I resubmited everything I get a yellow RFE from Lee Summit MO asking for birth certificate as it was missing. Urghh I swear I included an original with a translation. I guess I got no choice but sending again. Anyone had same happen to them? Should I call the misinformation toll free line?
  6. Yep. Gotta love how simple the immigration process is. I will just send that one with OMB expiration of 06/2019 and bottom left of 12/2017
  7. I 765 wasnt the issue. The work permit form and travel document were not accepeted as they were tied to I485 that was rejected. it s like a package of sorts where I 485 is the parent
  8. Nope all are current. I double checked before sending. Seems more someone is new at their job, or don't care much
  9. Got a notice from Chicago's lockbox that the I 485 package is rejected due to outdated used form. Huh ? I loaded the latest form from USCIS with expiration date of 06/2019 How do I go form here? Anyone had same nightmare?
  10. Howdy folks, long time lurker here. The case finally reached Casablanca. I hope Morocco interview scheduling wont take forever. NOA 1: 09/27/17 NOA 2: 03/27/18 NVC case creation: 04/03/18 Ready in Consulate:04/11/18 Good luck everyone:)
  11. Hi Berries, Long time lurker here. I got an email from USCIS , and my heart almost stopped. My NOA1 was Sep 27,2017: "Receipt Number: WAC1790XXXXXX Application Type: I129F, PETITION FOR ALIEN FIANCÉ(E) Your Case Status: Post Decision Activity On March 27, 2018, we approved your Form I129F, PETITION FOR ALIEN FIANCÉ(E)..." Good luck everyone Congrats to the folks who got approved @Naes I hope you hear good news soon
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