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  1. In Morocco they go by the French system of a literal Family Book. Where the Book is held by the family and copy is at the county. So you can get an original document that is a copy of the extract if the birth record for like 25c. Translation from French/Arabic to English costs around $10
  2. Same thing here, I got RFE from USCIS asking for foreign birth certificate, even though it was already included in initial package. I am just going ahead and sending an original as I had three at hand
  3. Good deal. It took us about half an hour
  4. Hi Gang, Here we go again. Uscis is driving me nuts. First, Illinois lockbox team rejected aos package, as I used an outdated form 😮 Now after I resubmited everything I get a yellow RFE from Lee Summit MO asking for birth certificate as it was missing. Urghh I swear I included an original with a translation. I guess I got no choice but sending again. Anyone had same happen to them? Should I call the misinformation toll free line?
  5. Yep. Gotta love how simple the immigration process is. I will just send that one with OMB expiration of 06/2019 and bottom left of 12/2017
  6. I 765 wasnt the issue. The work permit form and travel document were not accepeted as they were tied to I485 that was rejected. it s like a package of sorts where I 485 is the parent
  7. Exactly. Got no other option than resubmitting using what USCIS site has again urgh
  8. I used the form form uscis. Bottom still says 2017 which is edit time I am assuming
  9. Nope all are current. I double checked before sending. Seems more someone is new at their job, or don't care much
  10. Got a notice from Chicago's lockbox that the I 485 package is rejected due to outdated used form. Huh ? I loaded the latest form from USCIS with expiration date of 06/2019 How do I go form here? Anyone had same nightmare?
  11. Howdy folks, long time lurker here. The case finally reached Casablanca. I hope Morocco interview scheduling wont take forever. NOA 1: 09/27/17 NOA 2: 03/27/18 NVC case creation: 04/03/18 Ready in Consulate:04/11/18 Good luck everyone:)
  12. Hi Berries, Long time lurker here. I got an email from USCIS , and my heart almost stopped. My NOA1 was Sep 27,2017: "Receipt Number: WAC1790XXXXXX Application Type: I129F, PETITION FOR ALIEN FIANCÉ(E) Your Case Status: Post Decision Activity On March 27, 2018, we approved your Form I129F, PETITION FOR ALIEN FIANCÉ(E)..." Good luck everyone Congrats to the folks who got approved @Naes I hope you hear good news soon
  13. MoroccanInTexas

    Interview Today- Urgent

    It s better to submit your latest tax return with I 134
  14. From Moroccan change office website"' Les personnes physiques marocaines et étrangères résidant au Maroc ainsi que les Marocains Résidant à l’Etranger peuvent bénéficier d’une dotation touristique en devises d’un montant maximum de 20.000 (vingt mille) dirhams par voyage dans la limite de 40.000 (quarante mille) par année civile." Basically, Residents of Morocco can legally ask the banks to provide them with around $2000 per trip, and a mx of $4000 per year. Note that the bank will stamp this in the passport, and the customs/police may search him while leaving the country. If carrying excess amount of cash with no valid documentation, you ll end up losing the cash, and may miss your flight.... Good luck