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  1. is funny when i see people replied without living in that roof ,my dad and mom told me never be in between a couple no matter who is it, looking all you listen just 1 side of the history, nobody heard mine ,is ok maybe nobody will see this respond after 10 years here in USA . now read carefully ignorants . is gonna be short .IM US CITIZEN , before i came i got my job for 8 years ,my family we were happy .for reasons of life i broke up with my ex girlfriend a friday . told god i dont wanna deal this anymore too much drama .look the sky and i said Lord let me meet sobody else .i never though in a million year is gonna happen but did.wait for her 1 year and half. i got fired bcause people was jealouse of me thinking i have money , i alway survive i dont care if i need to eat grass thats my strengh. i left my ties ,my family, everything ,i cry in silence i was sociable here i learn to b alone thats another strengh i learn to be humilliate ,call wet back,illegal, all you can imagine ,glad i took taewondo in high school that bring me some discipline till now. anyway .i dont care what everybody said ,taye and me we never did nothing wrong was new for us ,i try everything for 1.5 years nobody know sh.....t i did and always she try to intimidate me with the cops and im sorry im not a pet after a year and half my love change i star feeling cold ,no love here,no family she took me to a bar.that was Bobbies borthday i got a beer i was the only hispanic everybody was caucasian, she was looking at me and a ramdon guy walk to me took my beer and dump it in the garbage at the same time push me out of the bar so i stay out bobbie came out after 30 minuts shake hands i said is all good brother happy birthday , in that point i got my own car cost me $1800 honda accord 94,i left the bar she didnt sayd anything but she saw the dude trowing my bottle i left listen my salsa music stop in a light and got bit up with a baseball bat i know is destiny i never blame on anybody ,drove home she look at my and she start laughing for 30 minuts next day she left to miami for 2 weeks that was my call.after she said i deserved for bother some one else girlfriend even when is not true so im done not cares wherever humilliation , did a police report, continued with my life i start asking people i said i left everything for her is not working we 2 different people we just need to go to the highway different ways so i learn that i need to proof that i was married in good faith , she did everything right and me too we just 2 different people is sad but i love my family too and she also didnt care for my mom either thats in another context o book .......see when u know all the facts together you will understand where i comming from but lets do this ... ask yourself where she at ,,where im at i my dont own nothing but im happy ,buy one house and sold it, buy too cars work in different jobs married and have a baby.by the way she told me she dont wanna have kids so sorry i want a family and i did now you understand when im coming form ahh DONT POINT FINGERS IF YOU PEOPLE DONT KNOW God bless
  2. i like when people open the big mouth without knowing the circunstances  bfore talk  see the facts, other than that grab ur toe and stickit in ur mouth haaaaa,haaaa

  3. Boss i need to work in 5 hours ty for the lessons of citizenship im proud of been American but still new just wanna keep leaning is nothing is wrong with ask right TY god bless
  4. I just tell them im american like u they tell me u got accent I said u too
  5. The reason i ask is because few people tell me hey mexican go back to ur country ,or u cannot b invited to the party u are not white collar , or stuff like that or i will call ICE few people said it is offensive but i just feel sorry for those bean brains
  6. Lets forget about my brother and sister whats the difference between a naturalized like me and a born citizen in usa the born citizen is better than a naturalized we boths have the same rights ,or the born citizen is better than a naturalized
  7. Got a question whats the difference me having a citizenship than someone that born in USA
  8. They are american well i mean boths got hes blood but hes dead i just wonder
  9. My step dad was 100%american he married man for 26 years my brother and sister are american born in costa rica got hes dna
  10. My brother and sister dad is American he never did anything for them he did merry mom for 26 years my brother and sister r us citizen born in overseas he died a year ago what they can do
  11. whats up

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    2. jairoshott


      if u divorse u need 2 lawyers 1 civil lawyer  or u can make an appointment  in u city  to get divorse  is cheaper  but you need a Immigration lawyer  and proof that u marry in good faith.

    3. kerrydavid


      thank u, i just got divorce last JUly this year, did u get a lawyer too when u applied for roc? or u did it by urself?

    4. jairoshott


      yup in my case was 2