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  1. Got our NOA1 and sent to Texas.
  2. I have submitted a I-130 for IR2 for my step daughter to Chicago Lockbox on 3/6/2018 - was delivered on 3/7/2018. Still have not received NOA1
  3. No one else filing a I-130 in March? Hopefully that means mine goes quicker
  4. well fingers crossed for a miracle and faster processing. Just got notification it was delivered in Chicago. Next stop NOA1
  5. I sent my I-130 package for my step daughter (IR-2) yesterday. It is in Chicago awaiting delivery to USCIS. Fingers crossed for a quick and painless process
  6. The process has been explained at the following link. I assume you are already with your husband and will not be filing together with your son. I am in the same process currently with my 15 year old step daughter. Good luck! http://www.visajourney.com/wiki/index.php/IR-2_(and_CR-2)_Visas
  7. Mozambiquepaul

    b2 denied

    I think thats just the way it is these days. I was able to get my WIFE a tourist visa when Obama was president - However none of her family are able to get visas now to come visit her. The embassy in her country has just about quadrupled the number of interviews per day to the effect of 10 interviews every 15 minutes when it used to be like 4 for every 15 minute period. There are only two people conducting the interviews - one takes your money in one window and sends you to the next to say no. People with multiple previous US tourist visas who have never overstayed are getting turned away. the guards outside the embassy said that to them the rejection rate has gone up 50 - 60% at least. It is clearly a direct effect of presidential mandates - Obama felt people should be encouraged to come and visit the US. Trump thinks we need to be more stringent on considering acceptance. Both are completely within their power. Just have to hope that at some point the mess gets fixed and we can move forward. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-obama-tourism/obama-orders-streamlining-of-foreign-tourist-visas-idUSTRE80I1X720120119 http://www.newsweek.com/getting-visa-travel-us-will-become-much-harder-under-new-state-572857
  8. Getting ready to send in my I-130 to the Chicago Lock box for my step daughter. I know that means I am not a 100% match for this thread but close enough. My wife was recently approved for a AOS in April and we tried having my step daughter visit, since the plan was for her to remain living in Mozambique and visit us on vacations. The embassy refused her tourist visa and said he must apply for residency - so here we are. Just awaiting a copy of her birth certificate and shipping it all off. I know it is optimistic but I hope we can have here here by April / May. To compound the difficulty of the process her country, Mozambique, does not process immigrant visas so that all has to be done via South Africa. Good luck to everyone!
  9. Mozambiquepaul

    Issue with interviewer at Embassy

    Yes in the Mozambique embassy there may only be one person who does the interviews. I am not saying that they were inappropriate at all but the person being interviewed should be able to attempt to provide evidence which doesnt seem possible. again I think they are just S.O.L.
  10. Mozambiquepaul

    Issue with interviewer at Embassy

    I mean thats part of the problem. They both have letters from their employers, proof of property, children who are staying and proof of birth via birth cert - but the guy wont even look at the documents he just keeps rejecting on 214 - failure to provide sufficient ties. I keep telling them I think it is a waste of money at this point.
  11. Mozambiquepaul

    Issue with interviewer at Embassy

    My sister in law and brother in law want to come and visit us in the US. They went for an interview at the embassy and the interviewer was very short with them out of the gate. Asked where are you going? Why are you going? How many children do you have? Your visa has been rejected. On this first interview at no point during the above questions did they pull out any documentation to support their answers which we had coached them to do. We reapplied and explained again how to present documents during the process. They went back and attempted to explain to the interviewer how they have documentation they didnt show last time to support their answers. He apparently became enraged and told them they were rejected again and refused to look at any of the documents. They have a 2 months off of work and the money for the trip. They want to try again, but I feel like if it is the same interviewer he will see them and just say no. If he is refusing to look at their documents or give them a chance is there anything else which can be done to improve their chances? The guards in the front and multiple people apparently were making comments about how this particular person is really nasty and negative and rejects almost everybody. Is there a way to request a different person to do the interview?
  12. before they even called my wife in for her part of the interview they told us we were approved but they had to interview my wife to complete the paperwork / process.
  13. Did you also file for EOS / AP? If so, you should be receiving that fairly soon and should be able to use it as valid ID traveling locally.
  14. Just returned from our interview and everything went without a hitch. Had a very nice agent interviewing us. A few question to me a few to my wife, a lot of small talk - and approved! good luck to everyone else in the thread!