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  1. I’m sorry maybe I’m doing too much, but I feel your category is different from CR1 or IR1 because you guys queue might be longer than CR1 kinda and even if your PD is current and some people in your category is in line for interview they will schedule whoever the Pd is current before yours. For all you maybe people with PD January 2005 might be waiting too! Just saying tho🤷‍♀️
  2. Yes! Do you remember I said it’s in priority date not CC? If someone of PD of April and someone of Pd of January are on CC, they will schedule January even if April PD have a CC before January so far January PD is on CC
  3. @shoowlaar abeg add me on WhatsApp group for case complete or how do I join? Thank you
  4. You’re so right! We only need patience and let’s see how it unfolds for June interview at USEM Lagos.
  5. Abi! Exactly what am thinking! People with PD 2017 are F category and they’re plenty and they will schedule CR1 or IR1 before them even if they PD is current. I bet you will definitely get June interview. Let’s wait and see sha
  6. Okay! This is my guess, people with PD of 2017 are on IR-1 or CR-1 and they’ve F category which mean their there might be long queue for them to get interviewed even if the priority date is currently. CR1or IR1 comes fast as we all know eve it F category have CC, I get get an interview before them (it’s just my guess though) maybe you should check a timeline too. Or what do you think?
  7. You sure about that? If it’s about priority not CC, we might be lucky for June interview since our priority date is 03/25/2018
  8. I have been checking people’s timeline to compare, I realize that sometime priority date matters as we get case complete now we might be lucky to have June interview, I have a strong feeling we might have late June interview.
  9. You must be very relieved now right? Your car and ours is so similar. We had CC 5/2 PD 03/25/2018 NOA2 10/03/2018 NVC Received 11/10/2018 since then we have been in NVC trouble (wahala) It wasn’t easy for me because they frustrated me thank God for the CC at the end. I’m always checking your messages hoping you get CC soon thank God we are free from the uploading and we are now waiting for interview.
  10. Thank you for quick response, Yes my mom works. And my dad and mine income is very enough because I have CC already.
  11. Thank you for this! My dad did help me with i864a as household memeber to help sponsor my husband. But I have a question, do you think my mom need to sign or fill anything since she and my dad sometimes file their taxes together?
  12. I was actually following you that when you get case complete, I might be next. They’re crazy and great time wasters. You shall hear the great news soon by God’s grace🙏🏾
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