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  1. yeah makes sense but i actually missed it for a month... Had my medical November 2018 and applied for my green card in December 2019 just a month over a year.. Guess I will be re-doing it 😂
  2. It has been over a year since when I applied had my medical November 2018 and applied for my aos in December 2019
  3. I hope someone can help me! my case is ready to be scheduled for an interview now and so just waiting for the letter but was wondering about the medical exam.. I had mine over a year ago around 1and half years ago done when i was doing my K1visa before i came to USA. Do i have to re-do my medical right before the exam or just bring the old one i have? thank you!
  4. Thank you for your responce! My husband already has his 2019 taxes done so on the line for current income we will put his AGI from 2019 then! Thank you for your responce and this is what i needed so simple! Thanks!
  5. My husband is self employed, he has his buissnes.. So if I go by to what he made last year and kinda figure out what he will be making in this year.. He made $53,000 after defuctions in 2019 and his gross was $83,000 so he has an estimate gross income of $100,000 for 2020 and he thinks about $65,000-$70,000 he moght bring after planed deductions.. But he has no proff to back that out... He doesnmt know his actual income until he files his Taxes... Do you have any advice how to go about that?
  6. Hello! I have asked a few questions the forum here and this will be my last before sending it on Monday! When the Form I-864, part 6 item 7 asks to state your “current annual individual income” My spouse is self employed, what should he put there? I have been getting mixed opinions and views and they are confusing me! If my current income is as stated on my most recent tax return (2019) should i put that number there or just leave it blank? some people are telling me to just guess a number.. how? My husband has no clue after defuctions what will his income be.. I would appriciate some inmput! Thank you guys!
  7. Thank you for your response! I do have a question tho.. I am getting mixed answears on the forum.. Regarding what to state on the “current individual annual income” on form I-864. For a Self Employed person. Some people are telling me out what you think he will make and some are telling me to put what he reported on his tax return for the most recent year (for us 2019) His income changes every year, he does have an estimate for his “groos income” but not after his deductions.. And both answears people have got aprproved no problem no matter what they wrote.. Do you have any input? Thanks
  8. In the () it is regarding those people who file 1040 EZ then they use the line adjusted gross income, but self employed have schedule C form 1040 and you can find your total income on line 22 on your tax return☺️ Are you gonna write on 24 b and 24c for the other 2 years, cuz i am not sure do you need to or not if you are not sending all your 3most recent years of tax returns? hmmm
  9. Yes! I am gonna send also proof my husbands buissnes is register and he has it already for 7years steady since he started it! all that together with Tax Transcripts and Tax returns Thank you so much you were ver helpful!!
  10. what you are saying is the oposit of what the person above has said.... My husband has no way of knowing what he will actually bring home this year.. he is self employed and his income is very different every year.. He has high deduction at the end of the year and tehre is no way of showing current.. plus he works for himself that means he get’s not 1099s i don’t understand why is so different..
  11. Okey then my husband has to fille the form with his 2019 income thanks!! So you are saying that the social security benefits and pensions need to be changed on the question where it asks for the current annual income?
  12. Okey thanks for that... so is it true that people who are employed for someone or a company need to put current individual income for the year they are in now? Bc this is so confusing.... some people are saying on that question you have to put what you think you will make in the current year and some other... So self-employed people get to do it differently is that what you are saying? He has pension and social security income and investments but his social and pension is well enough to sponsor.. so should he write what he is gonna make now in the current year or what he mad the previous year, 2019?
  13. Okey so he just need to put for the current income what he made the most recent year (2019)? He does not need to guess or show what he will make this year? and it will be okey bc he is self employed? Do you know do retired people need to put what they expect to make in the current year? or no?
  14. Hello everyone! I hope I can get some help So on page (Form I-864) 4 /part 6/ item7 it asks for your “current individual annual income” My husband is self-employed and his icome is so different ever year and hard to predict, he says it’s usually $10-20,000 change every year but he has no proof as he is self employe. What kind of proof can a self employed person show for the current income in present year? Thank you!
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