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  1. His tax returns I had 3 years of it one year was bad bc of all tge Tax duction my husband had I was afraid so i used a joint sponsor at the interview I asked who did they go with and they said my husban bc all it matters is the most recent year to them! hope this helps!
  2. I’m sorry i ended up not needing a joint sponsor so there was no documents so i can’t unfortunately answer that question! But I would assume The Social security benefits statement letter and if you have a secondary income like retirement income I think the form is 1099 R form not sure tho Good Luck
  3. amm what? I didn’t use his assets as income... So imm not sure how properties or anything like that has anything to do with me.. He is only using his income SS+retirement investment income thats it
  4. Ok so social security letter that states the benefit and the total value of his investment income now? like how much he has all together or?
  5. Yeah I know that... I’m just confused when it comes to the part where they ask 2 months of Paystubs and W2s he doesn’t have that.. so what am i supposed to bring other then the SSA benefit letter? like from retirement income bc he doesn’t know what it will be until Feb 15th 🤷🏼‍♀️ Lol this is stressful 😂😂
  6. Noup! i know that! My moms is same! my father in law just refuses to learn and doesn’t want to either he loves it that way! so he needs help when we need him lol
  7. You think it’s similar to creating an account for IRS transcripts? I will have my husband help him today bc he is 69 years old!
  8. When it comes to investment he isn’t retired like most people... all the money he invested and lives from is his money.. so every february he draws a big sum all at once for his income... and idk what to bring for this year i can bring 2020 what he drew and usually he draws same as last year ir even more.. so i’m confused what to do lol
  9. February last year we send stuff for 2019 that is the most recent year.. I have his investments and stuff for 2020 but he doesn’t draw any income until February 15th he has been doing this since he retired 10 years ago so i have nothing to give for 2021 bc he still doesn’t have that.. He always takes the same as the previous year or a bit more Can he create one easily or no?
  10. Yes I submitted I-864 and all the needed documents and i got scheduled for an Interview! so i just should bring copy of everything i submitted with that just in case they lost something in the process? So nothing for the current year or anything like that? it’s kinda impossible to bring something else tho lol
  11. I hope somebody can help me! I have my interview in 15 days! My sponsor is Retired so it’s a little different with the bring 2 months of paystubs and w2s he doesn’t have those. He gets monthly income from Social Security and then he gets income from Investment Retirement, he draws one big sum of money once a year and he does that mid February.. So I’m kinda confused what to bring bc he doesn’t know until mid February what he will draw from his retirement for his income for 2021 and my interview is first week of February and second can couple months of bank statements be good to show what Social security deposited as income? He usually gets that paper that social security sends to show what his monthly benefits will be for the year but he hasn’t got that yet!
  12. I can see you approval was a month away from the interview? was there a specific reason? Well i discussed this with my husband and he said he would ask at the end and see tho my interview and 2 years anniversary are 1month apart i highly doubt to begin with that he would hold of for a whole month... Maybe if it was 1-2weeks but i don’t think so! I will just go with the flow and if not i will just do it again in 2 year no big deal! My work permit expires in May! I will come back after my interview and leave my experience for others!
  13. Also while I’m here.. does anyone else know what to bring to the interview for the sponsor if they are retired? Bc he is getting income from social security monthly and he draws a big sum from his retirement that is his own money he invested and he usually does that mid Feb and my interview is Feb 8th so idk what kind of financial doc to bring... I guess few months of bank statements? He doesn’t get paystubs or W2s
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