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  1. We sended :Tax transcripts, tax returns, 1099s, and social security benigit stubs as a retured person you get 2incomes, at least my father in law he get’s one from his retirement and kne from the benefits from social security. So we sended EVERYTHING but look it was an RFE..
  2. The safest is to follow the instruction. But they did send me an RFE on my joint sponsor saying he doesn’t make enough and he makes waaaaay over the poverty guideline.. so i guess they do send rfe for that reason, he is retired and maybe there is differwn’t types of document out there. My experience
  3. Yes i asked my husband about it and in our state Michigan there is no requirement for a lisence so he doesn’t have it but his LLC will show he has this company for 7years now, so I hope that is enough!
  4. Hmm that’s weird.. why they don’t include everything on the instruction then? I think I will send my husbands tax returns for 2019, tax transcripts from IRS, 1099, all the schedules on the return that apply to him, showing he is an LLC company... Idk what else is there to send..
  5. Hello! I hope someone can help me! What documents does a petitioner that is self employed need to file with the form I-864? And is it true when you are self-employed you need to show 3years of taxes? Thank you
  6. Amm not realy. my husband bought 2trucks for his work in the year of 2018 he was allowed to write %90 of them.. so he was wrote off almost $60,000 so his income was $8000 so no he did not manipulated his taxes it’s the way self employex people do things and their tax people do it..
  7. The point is that I applied the first time in May 2019 and they straight denied me bc they didn’t know what my father in law made and what my mother in law as they fille jointly.. So they denied me.. We spoke to a lawyer and asked help he said to just re-apply and we sended them Tax Transcripts, Tax Returns and even SS Benefits stubs to show that the mom only amde like $5000 a year from their $60,000 income.. and now they are telling me $55,000 is not enough for me and his wife and him. 3people. and the poverty line is $27,000... I do not have time to argue with them proving them wrong or finding a new joint sponsor.. We were gonna wait until now so my husband does his taxes but we were foreced to re-apply right away.. So i just hope someone can tell me can i just reply to the RFE with my husbands info My husbands income was always high and they can see on the tax returns that it was all write offs..
  8. Noup.. he is self employed and he has always had big writes off kn his taxes like work equipment and trucks.. so this year he made a lot and he didn’t have tons of write offs. That’s why
  9. I understand that. We used a joint sponsor but they said he doesn’t qualify even tho he makes way over the poverty guidelines. My actual question is can I re use my husband.. His income changed from $8000 to $55,000.
  10. Hello! I am hopping someone can help me. So I applied for my green card in December, 2019 i had my biometrics in January and now I just received an RFE regarding the I-864. We used my father in law as my joint sponsor bc my husband is self employed and he has so much write offs and on his taxes it showed low income. In the RFE says the joint sponsor doesn’t make enough.. (he makes triple the amount needed) they are telling me to find another qualifying joint sponsor.. I am not gonna do that.. Can I use my husband the petitioner instead? he shows great income for the previous year.. I hope someone can help me! Thank you!
  11. Hello! Hope some one can help me So I applied for my G card and waiting now was wondering I wanna fly with my husband to FL and New Mexico to visit some family... Will i have any issues if my State ID has my new married name but my passport still has my previous name? I bought the ticket with my married name and gonna try to get my state ID tmrw
  12. If we had our medical exam done before arriving to uSA for our K1visa do we need to have it again for out AOS application?
  13. Does anyone knows can we fly/travel inside USA while waiting for out AOS? and what documents we need to bring to the airport if we fly to another state in USA? 😊
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