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  1. It is up to you. Money order normally you cannot track if it's been cashed. If bank check you will know exactly when it was cashed.
  2. abbielovesjeremy

    IR5 Mother (Philippines)

    I found the link. Guess I don't have to send her birth certificate per the info on this link http://www.visajourney.com/content/immigration-parents
  3. Hi all, I am about to file a petition for my mother who's in the Philippines. The issue I see right now is that on my birth certificate her place of birth (Lupao) doesn't match the place of birth on her birth certificate. The thing is my mom was born in 1948 and she actually didn't have any birth certificate until just recently. And all this time she thought she was born in Lupao (which is what's on my birth certificate). Do we need to provide her birth certificate at any time during the petition process or just my birth certificate? I was going through the I-130 and it asks my mom's place of birth. I am not sure what to write down. Any helpful assistance will be greatly appreciated.