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  1. Hi, mine is N400 and still waiting for interview.. File date is 7/26/21 (5yr rule). My mom who filed later than me was already finished and will have her oath on the 23rd
  2. Hello everyone. My parents filed n400 on 9/19 and both had their biometrics done same time on 3/8. My mom got her interview letter last Friday for June but my dad hasn't received anything. I'm wondering, do you guys know how long it takes before a spouse can get an interview letter? It's also weird because I'm a 7/20 filer and still hasn't received my interview letter. Hoping nothing is wrong with my application! We're all from same office--Reno, NV.
  3. I'm from Reno, NV. My parents filed 9/19 and did biometrics 3/8. My mom got notified on 5/6 about interview schedule for June. I applied July, bio on 1/25 and now still waiting for interview. Hoping to receive the interview schedule for me and my dad next week.
  4. My estimated time used to be 3 months now moved to 7 months. Just never ending back and forth 😔 How accurate is this?
  5. Starting a topic to see how long it took to get an update on y'all cases. Thanks a bunch!
  6. Hi, From what I know, all the e-filing goes straight to National Benefits Center, from there it gets sent to the local offices. Since COVID and furlough happened, there's a lot of back logs. Try to call USCIS or make a request through your account; that's what I did on mine. I called and made request after 5 months then they said wait for a couple weeks I'll get notified. 3 weeks later I received my appointment. My location is Reno, NV
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