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  1. My husband had arrived to USA from UK on 10/07/20 with a CR1and before he arrived he was told to get a COVID test done just in case and he did....Only thing at port of entry he was told what he does for living? And how long he been in UK? Made it to USA after 2 years he’s home with me! Thank god everyday for that safe trip...🙏🙏
  2. If she filing jointly that will show in her tax paperworks, so regardless even if she has enough income herself you should show hers and her spouse I believe. In my opinion its best to submit both her and her spouse because the more you provide the better it is for your interview/visa. Good luck!
  3. Really? My cousin here in state filing K1 and waiting always on NVC to email her for her husband and as for us CR1 we also waiting every time for NVC to email us before we can submit anything. It just might be different for some I guess...
  4. As far as I know I think you have to wait til NVC email you and tell you what to do next. At our time with NVC we had to wait til: •the applications were ready and uploaded, •had all information to upload to NVC, and •got email from NVC.
  5. I haven’t hear anything because my cousin in the same situation... I wish best for all K1 visa filers...
  6. go to this website and applied https://www.acro.police.uk/Police-Certificates-Online yes, I mentioned police office I met to say post office🙂 and get the application. First time we applied at post office which was on 2019 but now that 8 months has passed by we applied for a new one at the above website and it took 2 weeks total even during COVID. Best wishes!
  7. Yes if you mail your application with a standard option it mostly likely that you will receive it before a week.
  8. It’s simple to be honest. There are 2 options: •fill the application online https://www.acro.police.uk •go to the police office and asked for an application For my husband in UK he went online to print the application with a check(standard service) to get it soonest it took about 10 days and this was done on December 2019 before we made the payment at NVC. Once approved and schedule an interview appointment we file for another POLICE CLEARANCE CERTIFICATION(mailing it)just to be safe. This was done in mid- August 2020(received it after a week) and ACRO made a mistake about his “birthplace” on his certification, we called them and they send a new one after a week later. It took about two weeks for us to receive it. Good luck!
  9. If I was in your situation seeing two different things maybe try calling NVC about it cause this was my case as well it took two months later to approve everything (I submit everything on January 2020 they asked for a better clear copy of the tax transcripts in beginning of March 2020) finally I got an approval beginning of May 2020. Good luck!
  10. We did fill it out too but just to be sure for how many people has been asked for before for their interview?
  11. For us it took about 2-3 months from the time of approval of submitting all documents from NVC to LONDON embassy (interview) but like you say it may vary due to COVID 19. Good Luck!
  12. I believe if any country you go to and as a tourist you have to show them that you will return with a return ticket! My advice is to get a return ticket to be save...
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