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  1. Ohh boy! You finally got the green card terminated. The least you should do is leave her alone to do whatever she pleases as long as it doesn't infringe on your rights or bother you in anyway. You already reported her to ICE (even when you said you didn't want to do anything to harm her or something like that). Get your divorce. Whether she gets VAWA or she goes home shouldn't be your concern (like you said). I am saying this because we don't know her side of the story. You have every right to get a divorce, cancel your green card petition and be sad that it didn't work out. But it would be best if you left her alone. We've no idea if she has evidence for VAWA. In your first thread you said it was fine at the beginning, then you said she got into the marriage for green card. You reported her to ICE even when it had nothing to do with the green card issue. You want her deported so she can get a 10 year ban and never have a chance with the new man she's with. I sympathize with you, but things sound vindictive at this point.
  2. Can you contact on ombudsman if your case is still within normal processing time?
  3. We? Dude she freaking pulled out during the last minute. That's the biggest betrayal ever. Who knows if she wouldn't do it again? Well, it's your personal lives. I was just wondering why anyone would do that after seeing your stress, anxiety and all you had to go through to get an interview.
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