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  1. Check your local office cases to get an idea. In Philadelphia , approved on July 3rd and oath was July 15th.
  2. Did you receive any notice that your I-751 was transfer to NBC? If yes, you would expect that they NBC will send both your I-751 and N-400 to local office
  3. I have no knowledge of supervisory review process, but supervisor can request more check on your N-400 and also if the IO officer who interviewed your , if not thoroughly knowledgeable about Military applications, they might be assigning someone for another interview ( My guess). However, since everything in your N-400 is fine as IO said during your first interview and you are serving in the military honorably, I will just go for second interview with all the paper work ( original). Our country has highest respect for military personal and you will be fine.
  4. You may call and talk , but I doubt they would be able to provide any information. You application is Military based. Is your background or Military records are clean, since they will check your military background. Did you separate from Military or still working for Military?
  5. The standard process is that IO after interview recommend the approval and his supervisor has to approve it and most of the cases , supervisor accept IO's recommendation. May be they need some kind of in-person clarification from you, I will stay optimistic and go for the interview again.
  6. I am PA, so NY is my Indian Consulate and it does not allow both, I need to apply for renunciation and then OCI. NY is always quick, I was done with one month. DC is slow, type in google, OCI card experience they you will get lot of experiences
  7. Is re-interview letter different from first interview letter? Did you sign all the paper work during first interview? Did IO go through your application during first interview?
  8. if it is not more than 6 months outside the country and you are way below the outside country days limit. I will just write Wednesday ( the day you left your city airport) and the day you arrive at your city airport . It is more conservative estimate.
  9. I would do the both. When submit online add photocopy of the RFE letter also with your documents.
  10. Nobody has original marriage certificate, marriage office has it. It is certified copy and submit one.
  11. Wait for the ROC to be approved. Keep visiting each other and keep financial intermingling
  12. Could not understand your question? Currently, do you live with family member's house or do you have your own place?
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