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  1. Russ&Caro- you are right. If your goal is to get citizenship, better to apply for N-400 when the window is open. I did it almost one and 1/2 months ago and my I-751 is still pending, but my estimated N-400 completion time is Feb 2020, so I am getting close everyday. I got I-551 stamp valid until Jan 2020. Hopefully, i-551 stamp is equivalent to physical green card and will be citizen by end of 2019.
  2. It seems that transfer cases need to have a separate topic with year 2017 I-751 ( Transferred)
  3. Both CSC and VSC are working on October and Nov 2017 cases. I am hoping all of them will be approved by the end of Feb, 2018.
  4. [1] Other means both transfer cases and at the local office? [2] Can you graph will show at the local office and approval?- because cases those are transfer will not have approval update.
  5. Jerry and Elena-Did you find out from VJ, anyone of your field office and combo I-751+N400 and time to get N-400 interview and any acceleration due to comb interview even N-400 of your office might be 12-16 months ( this my assumption)
  6. Immigration offices does not care about N-400 notice ( you may take with it, no need to show them to make it complicated, also it does not prove any status). You need to show them expired Green card and 18 months official extension letter and you will be fine.
  7. You can't fix it now. When you will go for interview, you will have a chance to correct them. The IO will review the form with you and will ask for any changes you would like to make. I don't think, it will have any issue to get interview. No need to hire a lawyer.
  8. dilip


    Also, if possible, file online, easy
  9. I751_HK - Did you receive 18 months courtesy copy or original 18 months original letter ( which will be on thick paper with watermark). I also received only Courtesy copy and after two requests to send me the original 18 months, USCIS sent me an email to come to local field office to get passport stamp. Lucky I also got an infopass and also took the email ( see below) and got passport stamp for a year. See the email below I received: Type of service requested: -- Non-Delivery of Other Notice The status of this service request is: On 12/14/2018 , you or your representative contacted USCIS concerning your 12/14/2018 to notify us that you need a special accommodation for an upcoming appointment. Below is a summary of what we found and how the issue has been or may be resolved. You should make an InfoPass appointment via our website www.uscis.gov. Alternatively, you may come into the office on January 2, 2019, January 4, January 7, January 11, or any Monday or Tuesday after that, with your passport, 2-year green card, and 797 notice for the I-751 to receive a stamp in your passport. You must appear early in the morning between 8am and 11am. You must bring this notice with you as proof - if you are unable to obtain an InfoPass appointment on your own. We hope this information is helpful to you.
  10. Congratulations! CSC sent so many cases to other service centers, they better start approving all August, September, October and November.
  11. What is your WAC #, first 5 number only?
  12. CharlieBrown: Why do you think, only N-400 filers will get the transfer?
  13. I heard from someone that they bring boxes from offside and assigned to officers and so if that is the case, then it is like lottery, which box will be picked up and if your application in that box and the officer, you are assigned, is efficient then your case will be approved before other people in same EAC range
  14. A lot of EAC18060XXXXX are still sitting in local office from April 9. They approved randomly without any order. They approved 16, 37,84,113, 133, 171,, 174, 206, 207, 222, 256, 268, 271, 284,