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  1. just tax transcript and 3 month of bank statements of joint account. If you renting , then update lease or if you house, may be one tax bill.
  2. I thought , it has been done already. You need to check whether you can apply both. Here in NY, ( my area), I did renunciation first and then OCI, but Washington DC allows to do together. https://cgihouston.gov.in/consular-services/renunciation-of-indian-citizenship
  3. Did you check the frequency of oath ceremony in your local area office. Give them a call, if needed. In Philadelphia office, it is very quick, 10 -15 days.
  4. I agree, you are in the line for oath ceremony. So check your local office's oath ceremony schedule, also look for the oath notice. You are all set, just a few more days waiting time to be over with your immigration journey.
  5. It is quite standard. You will be fine, wait for a few more days.
  6. How many days he was in USA in October and in December, 2019? When he moved from USA to work outside? https://www.alllaw.com/articles/nolo/us-immigration/working-outside-us-with-green-card.html
  7. You can submit by post or in person Can you apply for OCI from India? Persons of Indian origin who are in India, can apply for OCI in India provided they are in India legally and the visa they hold when apply for OCI in India has at least a three month validity from the date of their OCI application.
  8. You can start and they will store it for 30 days . If you file same day, you are eligible, wait until Alaska time is 1 pm or wait a day after you are eligible
  9. It is unfortunate, but they will not touch your I-751 until they are ready for your N-400 interview.
  10. It seems that it will be 01/29/20. Check the calculator and also do not file at mid night the day you are eligible. Wait until 7 hrs after midnight to avoid Alaska time https://www.uscis.gov/forms/uscis-early-filing-calculator
  11. Whether it is listed or not , sending 3 year of tax transcript as an additional documents would be good idea ( if you are filing under 3 year marriage base). Additional evidences are always helpful.
  12. That is the message you will see when you log-in to your online account and you will get an email. If you did not , you need to wait another 30 days before you could send another inquiry. Did you check your spam? What is the inquiry?
  13. You should receive an email, if it is listed
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