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  1. It is not needing to stay registered. They have to be registered otherwise that person is out of status right away. The SEVIS number is mentioned on the I-20 form and USCIS keeps track of everything through that number. Btw I never intended to ask you anything. I posted those questions to OP. but you answered them anyway. .
  2. I am not shopping for anything. I am already a US citizen. I am just presenting my opinion.
  3. Right. I understand OP posted a process to change from B2 to F1. But I am just mentioning the drawbacks. The two years wait for plus restrictions on F1. Student visa comes with lots of responsibilities. You cannot just get the visa and you are done. The student needs an I-20 form which needs to be renewed every semester from the international student office. It doesn't make sense to me to switch to F1 unless someone is trying to find a way to stay in the US. I have been a student in this county and came on a F1 visa
  4. yeah! it makes sense. It's not worth it to be switched to F-1. People always have to be enrolled in school and pay tuition. They will charge him Out of state fees ( International Student fee) which is way more than a domestic student. It does not provide a work permit. You can only work 20 hours on campus.
  5. So it means you always have to enrolled in school and renew I-20 until you are on that status? Can you leave the country?
  6. Don't leave US at all.. You are still legal permanent. your card is expired but your status is still valid. Plus your i751 is still in process..
  7. It has to be different from you US passport. do not use those pics. get a new set of pictures.. else they will send back your application.. you only have till Oct 14 to send. check ckgs
  8. it took me total 5 days from mail in to receive it back from Chicago Indian embassy.. OCI is taking forever.
  9. I just filed for my Renunciation. Waiting for the certificate back.. I am in Iowa so your neighboring state. My consulate is Chicago too. It seems like you have start from government website and upload few documents and then CKGS website to send your documents. its the most confusing thing..
  10. i had same issue.. i have to go for Diwali but not sure if i can make it.. i am applying for reninuciation and OCI.. another BS not to look forward for. . I wish India could just start E-visa again.
  11. I was yet to give my information to case worker to look for my application but it got approved after 6 weeks on its own. So no help from anyone
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