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  1. Hey, I had my interview March 5th and was approved but on the online tracker it still states 'case is scheduled for interview on January 23rd' and haven't received my card. Should I be concerned?
  2. Hello, just a small update. Went for the interview at Montgomery AL at 2:30pm on March 5th. My husband (My petitioner) was called in first, and according to him all the interviewer wanted to do was to make sure that his answers matched our answers on our Adjustment of Status form and he gave the interviewer our updated Affidavit of Support (he quit his old job when I first came, and have found a new job since). We don't have any joint bank accounts or decrees whatever because of my SSN problem (look through my post history and you'll figure it out) so according to my husband, the interviewer asked to talk to my father-in-law as part of our relationship proof and he also handed him updated pictures of us. About 15-20 minutes later, I was called in to have my interview together with my husband. All he really did was reaffirm my answers on the paper vs in real life. Towards the end he said we were approved, and we saw him physically stamp our papers with the 'Approved' chop. Wasn't issued any approval letter either, just confirmation that the conditional green card would be issued in a couple of weeks. No updates on EAD, would be useless at this point. Cheers
  3. Alright, so here's the updated timeline with some of my thoughts: Filed: October 22nd 2019 Received: October 24th 2019 NOA 1: November 6th 2019 Biometric appt notice: November 15th 2019 Biometric appt: December 4th 2019 On the same day, both case numbers for AOS and EAD changed on the status tracker to reflect that my fingerprints have been taken Interview date notice: January 23rd 2020 Interview date received: January 27th 2020 Interview date: March 5 2020 Now, I know that we have to bring a lot of biographic supplements and proof of marriage and et cetera, but something is really annoying me. We never had the opportunity to have a joint bank account because the SSN office that is located nearest to me really messed up. If you look through my post history, you'll see the nonsense. I have four names and the SSN office kept sending in verification requests because they allegedly couldn't find my name in the system and sent in verification requests to SAVE two times. Then we returned to the SSN office and had to go through another guy who said we should change the I-94 name (The I-94 had my first and last name instead of all names) and the CBP officer at the airport looked so confused. In his confusion he crammed all three of my names into the first name slot and my last name as-is, and we returned back to the SSN office to STILL not have any verification of my name. To counteract that I have Medicaid and also my husband's joint insurance with me, but I am wondering. My married name STILL has four names because I can only change my very last name and if I were to eliminate any names, I'd have to pay for a lawyer to do that. We don't got lawyer money hun. Would I still experience SSN issues even after I obtain an EAD card or my green card? I ticked 'yes' under the EAD form for them to open an SSN account for me, thinking that'll help.... (Also I don't know if the SSN office was being petty but I saw all of their SAVE verification requests being done and approved, YET they waited til THE DAY MY I-94 EXPIRED to mail me a notice saying that I wasn't eligible for an SSN. We came there and the SAVE verification requests were done about TWO months before that. I find this ridiculous.)
  4. Hey guys, quick update. Got a letter in the mail for my Adjustment of Status interview for March 5th. Haven't had any mailed updates for my EAD, but I will check and also do a timeline when I have time.
  5. I also received my Biometrics appt for Dec 4th. I'm quite shocked, I expected all of this to take longer lol
  6. Just an update! Received my NOA1 letters in the mail for the adjustment of status and EAD. I added my G-1145 form so I'm confused as to why I didn't get any mail or text updates. Sent: 10/22/2019 Received: 10/24/2019 NOA1: 6/11/2019
  7. Joining the squad. Sent in through Fedex: October 22nd 2019 Arrived at USCIS Lockbox : October 24th 2019 And here comes the wait...
  8. Hi, how you received interview date from them? 

  9. Gives me two columns, one that says 'case under review' and another that says 'case returned to agency'. What does both of those statuses being there at the same time mean?
  10. Yes, my K visa does list ABCD and so does my passport. It's just the I-94 with the issue. My I-94 expires on December 3rd, is that too short of a timeframe?
  11. Hello there! My husband and I went to the local SSN office about a few days ago (last Friday) in hopes of issuing me an SSN and card. however. there was a name mismatch on the the I-94 versus my name on my passport. I have four names (let's say we will represent each name as A,B,C, and D) and the I-94 only displayed my first and last name, making it A and D. It left out my two middle names. As a result, the SS officer decided to put it a document verification request to verify my identity and I couldn't get my SSN or get a joint bank account with my husband. We're more than ready to begin filing for the AOS since we've already gotten married, but because we got married in another state and et cetera my current name can not be changed to my intended married name. So i'm wondering, is it alright for us to begin filing for AOS, send in the application. then wait for however long the DHS takes to verify my identity and then change my name and update USCIS with a changed name? (And then subsequently get a joint bank account as proof of relationship for the interview)? Also another thing that the social security officer said was that if I changed my name I'd have to get a whole new K1 visa re-issued in my married name. I've never heard of that. Is that true? To my knowledge is the visa even valid since I'm already married? Thanks for your help.
  12. Hi there! Just a small update: If you need an extra review of the Embassy, you can find it in my timeline. Hopefully it is helpful. Post-Interview information 1. I tracked my case through the CEAC tracker all throughout the days after my interview. On the date of the interview itself (the 24th), the status did not change. One day later on the 25th it was put into Administrative Processing, and on the 26th the status had changed to Issued 2. On the 27th (a Saturday) I did not receive any updates about it 3. On the 28th (a Sunday), I received a very strange alien looking text from 'ustraveldocs' on my phone. I'm guessing the system isn't truly configured to relay the message through text, so I thought about checking my email. Luckily enough I had an update email on my passport and visa issuance, with a tracking number from Aramex in the email 4. I then went on the Aramex website and through tracking information, it reached the Singapore delivery facility at 8:29pm on the 26th. Which is extremely efficient. Had the next days not been a weekend I think I would've been able to obtain the visa on the next day itself 5. On the morning of the 29th (Monday) I received an email that my passport was ready to be picked up at People's Park Center (I decided to choose pick-up as I've noticed that it generally takes faster to do so than to do home delivery? Moreover you don't have to worry about not being home/sleeping while the mailman arrives, which is more convenient for me). 6. On the exact day at around 5pm I decided to collect my passport! The pick-up point is quite easy to access, take exit D of Chinatown MRT station towards People's Park Center and take the escalator down and turn left. I scared myself shitless looking at the Google Reviews of this place as many people have claimed that the customer service there is awful, but I found it fairly neutral. You just need to surrender your IC, have the attendant find your package, and then sign a piece of paper and write your IC number down. That's all. And that's all for now! This visa process has been exhilarating and I can't wait to do my PoE with my fiance soon. Good luck to all of you having your interview soon
  13. Personally I decided to call the NVC to obtain my case number and do the CEAC tracking. My NVC physical letter came to my address almost a month and a half late- I'd already received my packet 3 from the Embassy by the time the physical letter from the NVC arrived.
  14. 1. File the visa after you have met (if it is the first time you are going to meet.) as it is a requirement to have met at least once within two years of filing. And also be sure with each other that you would want to file for a K1 2. Your Fiance cannot file the K1 in the Philippines unless he is there on a permanent residency through direct consular filing, it makes the most legal sense for him to file it from the United States. If not done through direct consular filing (which cannot be done if he doesn't 'reside' in the PH), you need to mail the packet to an american address which would obviously cost more in mailing fees from the PH compared to mailing it domestically in the US 3. Once filing the packet and if you have stated that your current residence is in Singapore, the case will be routed to the USEM in Singapore for you to continue the rest of your case Good luck!
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