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  1. Hello there guys. I've finally obtained my NOA1, which is great. However, in the next few weeks or so I'll be scouring for a job to fill my time during the wait for the NOA2. I am the beneficiary. As I was unemployed while filing the documents, I put my employment history as 'unemployed' (I was a student). However, would I need to inform USCIS of my job change? In my country for the duration that I plan to do the job for (4-5 months) I am not technically taxable, so I'm not sure if I should leave the situation as-is. Thanks!
  2. Thanks guys. If I'm reacting like this now I'll turn into Frankenstein for the NOA2... hahaha. I should calm down.
  3. Hello there, We sent our package to the Lewisville lockbox through UPS. Tracking said that it was delivered to the lockbox on January 4th. I doubled check the address and zipcode, it is at the lockbox I would presume. But we literally have not received any email, text, or money taken out of my fiance's account for the cheque. We also filed the g-1145 for notifications and this is getting me exasperated. Should I be worried that we have not gotten our NOA1? Do I call USCIS this coming Monday?
  4. I haven't had my NOA1 yet. Should I start getting worried?
  5. Hey guys just a lil inquiry. When I enter my 'sent in' date on here, do I enter the date that I sent it IN to the mailing courier or that it reaches the lockbox? Technically it hasn't reached the lockbox.. (but later today, according to UPS tracking)
  6. Hi there! I apologize, I completely forgot to fill that information now. Hopefully the fact that my Embassy would be in Singapore is reflected on my profile now. Thank you
  7. Sent it in on December 31, awaiting a January NOA1... exciting!
  8. Hello all! Before I'd start I'd like to thank all of you for responding to my previous post, I really appreciated your help. Now i'm here with another issue. Skype has 2 years worth of call and message log between both my fiance's and my respective Skype accounts. The current Skype for windows 10 does not have the option to go back '1 year', '6 months', etc, so that is virtually impossible. Hence, I went on the internet to find an old version of the Skype program that had those options but... it takes TOO long to load. I'm not joking. It freezes mid-load so it really ruins the whole process of it. So far I can only go back to Feb 2018 messages, we want to go all the way back to Oct 16 if possible! How did all of you collate all the information? Did you sit through the whole loading process? Is there an easier way to do this? If any of you has any advice please let me know, this is probably the most gruelling part of preparing this petition. We intend to frontload, hence the urgency for this.
  9. Hello! On the USCIS site, it claims that a new version of the I-129F form is underway and that the current form will be expiring on 8/31. I am compiling the paperwork as of now for application later on this year, so I am anxious to use the new form. By experience, does it usually get uploaded on the same day that the previous form gets expired? What is the usual time for USCIS to upload it? Sorry if I seem neurotic. I've been refreshing the page a lot. Thank you!
  10. cywrainide

    Section 54 of the I-129F form

    Would you consider Singapore an easy country? I would assume so. But thank you, I do intend to front load it as much as possible so that the approval will not necessarily be quick but easier.
  11. Hello! I am in the process of collating the package itself. What do you reckon IS the correct way to fill out this section? I've heard from some who have decided to add in the whole story of how they met, how they relationship evolved, etc. but I've also heard of people who just went straight to the point and described the circumstances of the first meeting itself. Which method is the most effective and preferred method? Also, is it necessary to add a summary of how the relationship evolved in another section of the total package if one chooses to take the latter route?
  12. Hi, did you use Margaret W Wong and associates? Just curious because fiance and I are going back and forth with this lawyer thing, and coincidentally her consultation fees are $200 too.
  13. Could you elaborate on how did you frontload it? We're all taking tips. 😛
  14. cywrainide

    US Name change (???)

    Oh man, I forgot the cultural association of nicknames It's a 'Mike' and 'David' issue, very different names. Not really nicknames
  15. Before I begin, sorry with the amount of deed poll related topics I've been posting here. Both my fiance and I had our names changed way back as children by our respective mothers, so we're totally meant for each other hahahahaha. In my country when you have a name change you present a deed poll, etc etc. So I know how that goes. But i'm currently in charge of collating the K1 paperwork because my fiance has a physically demanding job and he's very busy and I have.. no idea how this works in the United States. He was born 'Bob' *(Not his real name for privacy reasons) in the very late 80s. His mother lost the birth certificate in early 90s. So when they got a replacement birth certificate, they added his 'new' name 'Bobby' into it. I asked him if there was any court order proving that he changed his name, and he said no. As I type this he's sleeping so I'm going to also wait til later so he can call his mother to ask again. All government documentation, first passport, first bank account was under Bobby instead of Bob. In my country, our original birth certificate has our birth name. So my name is now *Lisa, but in the document its *Lucy, even after I got a replacement it still shows the old name. So I for a fact HAVE to present my deed poll copy in the I-129F package. As for my fiance, is it necessary to declare his name even if there's literally zero legal evidence of it ever existing now? I don't know how to go about this. '