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  1. What day did you send? We sent our package last Wednesday; at the lockbox on Friday, still no updates fingers crossed!
  2. Perfect! I've got a plethora of evidence from then so I can for sure add that to it, thank you all for the help ❤️
  3. I just realized I have the original document showing photos from when I first sent my green card application could I send that?
  4. Hmmm I have some from the start of the marriage, like bank statements, most of it is after green card including our church wedding which was right after the green card interview and we showed evidence of that too. I just know we showed a lot of evidence during the green card interview. Basically an entire folders worth.
  5. Hi just a quick question before filing! Is the dates of the evidence to be provided after the marriage occurred or after the green card was received? When we sent the green card application it had all the evidence up until application sent and during our interview we provided more evidence.
  6. We'll probably file it all at the same time; we've just got the final forms of the I751 to finish. Alright should all be good! Hopefully I'm not overthinking this too much but just want to make sure I get everything correct.
  7. So to not confuse people, should I have my husband file the I-865 prior to the I751 or just after the I751? He's going to put the date of his move to the date of when he first moved just to be precise. I will put my move date to the day I flew back to the US because it is the date I moved in to this address. Is that all correct to put? I want to make sure I put down the information as accurate as possible to not cause any confusion.
  8. Yeah, my mother in law was a sponsor on the I864 because at the time we weren't sure if we had enough for the poverty guidelines so we put her as a sponsor and she recently moved address. We used to live at her address.
  9. Never mind I just saw it doesn't have a date of, the signature is two days after the 10th anyways!
  10. Kind of an update with that; so during the time that me and my husband seperated he moved on the day I flew to denver before flying to the UK; however he just told me that in terms of all his paperwork about moving he put it as january 10th because it was more temporary while we figured out all of the stuff with our seperation. I feel like the best option is to put the date as january 10th because I think that was the date I put for my AR11;I just need to check if I can see what I did put.
  11. Hi! We are about to send our I751 packet, looked at the questions just now and I have a tricky question when it comes to change of residency, so long story short me and and husband temporarily separated; he went to live at a new address while I spent some time away in the UK, when I came back to the US I moved into his new address from our old address. I put on my AR11 the day I moved in I think as the date I came back. Come to find out we have to file the I865 for his change of address. Lots of questions if we should even file that form since we are just about to send the I751 and what he should put as his address change date. We also had to wait to have our names taken off our old lease (We were living with family) so on the lease it shows us leaving at a further date. One of my sponsors has also just recently moved so does she also have to file an I865? Lots of confusion.
  12. Oh I would it's just I need to be with my company for 90 days! Only been there for the month almost.
  13. Perfect! Final question, as far as evidence goes; I have him under previous employers insurance as a beneficiary but not my current as I just joined a new job, can that be used as evidence or is it void?
  14. Oooooh just saw this, so as far as N400 is concerned I should wait for the 5 years? Dammn that sucks. We didn't go through any paperwork; honestly it ended up me basically spending the holidays with family and coming back. But I suppose it's best to be safe rather than sorry! Thank you
  15. No terminations of anything, we just didn't spend our anniversary and the holidays together; for all accounts we were physically separated, I just don't want to leave that gap incase it causes more questions than answers like an RFE but since then no time apart. Thank you so much for the advice!
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