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  1. Paris, France This all because of Trump travel ban order for those countries! Iran,... And yes there is still a hidden travel ban!
  2. And my fiance is still under administrative processing!
  3. Our case went under administrative processing after interview. And still waiting...
  4. I'm not sure about your embassy but, most of the embassy contact applicant to schedule the interview 4-5 days after "Ready" status. You can send an email to your embassy for the next step. After you submit DS160 and made your appointment, schedule medical exam and get ready for interview.
  5. Now, you only have to wait until embassy contact applicant to schedule the interview. You can go ahead and submit DS160 though. Check your case status on below link : Case status
  6. I'm the petitioner and my fiance has been living in France for more than 6 years, she is Iranian but a France permanent resident! She or either of her family members had nothing to do with military or government. All her degrees (BS,M.S. and PHD) are in French literature. She had interview a month ago and after the interview, officer kept her passport and had her to scan and email DS5535 and her resume. She emailed the form and right after that embassy replied that case went under AP. We are waiting since then and they still have her passport. All I found out is whoever traveled to Iran in past 15 years, will go under AP and processing time is vary in each Embassy.
  7. All Iranian going to AP. Same here ... depends on embassy, processing time will be varry from weeks months!
  8. In DS-160 usually asking for last 5 years travel / residence history but in DS-5535 asking for last 15 years. Looks like it is typical for someone with our nationality which is unfortunate. Also in DS-5535 we should submit her siblings information as well. Just hope this process go faster than USCIS/NVC process...
  9. That's exactly our question too...but they asked for it! She booked a flight and sent them a copy. They never asked for these in instructions email/letter.
  10. Hello everyone, Just a quick update. We had the interview today morning. Everything went well but, they asked for (3) more documents that we didn't have : form DS-5535, my fiance Resume and her flight ticket to US. They took her passport and asked us to email those documents. They stated as soon as they received those they will double check and issue her visa. Hope they review it soon ...
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