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  1. I asked the same thing, and the USCIS agent said eventually most of the people will pass their deadline and there is nothing you need to worry about! Consular/Embassy are aware of that.
  2. What's the hold up? NVC or USCIS? Why they're not sending it to NVC?
  3. Are you talking about US passport? Shouldn't be any issue but, keep in mind waiting time for passport renewal is also around 8-12 weeks now.
  4. Quick question, On approval notice is saying valid until 8/28. What happens if I don't receive interview appointment by that date?
  5. I'll visit her sometimes in July and again for interview that probably is in September. Yup, I wish NVC speed up their process.
  6. I filled it out, look like doesn't need to submit it to NVC and applicants should only have it for interview.
  7. What did they respond on your inquiry? 🤦‍♂️
  8. Yup ,Unfortunately NVC process is so behind, even more behind than their own time frame. USCIS to NVC at this moment takes around 30-40 days. RFE usually has 90 days due date, however look like there is no time frame for USCIS to make decisions after RFER. Approval or denial are vary between 7 to 60 days after RFER. Best thing is USCIS processing more case daily compare to 2-3 months ago, that will help reduce backlog somehow... Only Positive thoughts and faith make this journey easier since USCIS process will stay a mystery. Some day soon we all be with our loved ones
  9. submit and inquiry every week, they should find it and email you case# & invoice ID. look like time frame between NOA2 to NVC increased a lot in past couple weeks.
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