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  1. it’s answered our confusion. In my country, we have to register our abroad marriage to be recognized here. Although bigamy is illegal here without other spouse consent. I think the registration is needed anywhere else to avoid people from easily practicing bigamy specially in US. Yes, we need the notarized affidavit from embassy before we got married here. How we suppose to know if it was a big clue? I thought it was the law here that require the single and free to marry status before getting married here, as its applied to local marriage as well, just not from embassy.
  2. Thank you for your opinion! Really appreciate it! i’m thankful for this community and for everyone’s here who’s willing to share their knowledges, input and opinions which will we take for consideration and gives us the strength we need to deal with our tough situation.
  3. if we never mentioned the houston marriage, won’t they find it in the system there? Cos there is a marriage record for marriage there, isn’t it? It’s been telling that we always have to be truthful with immigration. If you are in our shoes, what do you think it’s the best to deal with the RFE?
  4. I actually just knew this, thanks! In my point of view as a foreign spouse who live abroad, if there is no such thing as registerimg marriage in the US, then the US system will show the US spouse status as always as single, rigjt? Unless it is asked, and it’s never been asked if foreign spouse is not living in the US.
  5. Thank you for your info! it’s very helpful link!
  6. Thank you for your encouraging words! Lesson learned. We thought we have to register our marriage in U.S embassy here, but they don’t take any marriage abroad registration. As we don’t know if we could register it in the U.S, that’s why we get married there again when i had a chance to flew there with B1 visa. .
  7. Thank you! Seems we did unforgiveable mistake and we have no option than to fix it and filling again! Just wish we could realize it earlier, long before we start filling
  8. I was just considering the better options, sorry If you think that i'm stuck with it, but i'm not. Obviously we don't want to do any further mistake, I just need to feel sure about it. Sorry if I'm questioning you again, but do you think denial from ineligibility will hurt our new filling rather than denial from abandonment?
  9. But my understanding from what you said, if we offer the explanation in our RFE respond, it will be complicated matters and ground for denial. What complications do you think will it create from this denial rather than denial from abandonment? Well noted, thank you so much!
  10. I wonder how can we request it? Where could we send the request letter? Isn't to our processing center or to USCIS office that is mentioned on the RFE letter.
  11. Sorry for my poor understanding, but would you enlightened me with the consequences of denial versus abandonment? So If we have to refile again, do we need to make the letter of explanation for previous abandonment?
  12. Thank you! Husband is currently in the U.S now and working there. But he'll come home to Indonesia when he can get off work, and staying for few months before going back there, so he still needs the living permit here. We plan that I could join him and also put our kids to go to college there. So I wonder, if they deny it, we have to re-file and start all over again with the new timeline? We have been waiting for a year to get this RFE, didn't realize our mistake at first place before applying.
  13. Thank you! We can't annul the marriage in Indonesia, because it's our current home and my husband needs it for the living permit here. The only option is to annul the second one which we hope will work through.
  14. Thank you so much! We'll try to work on the annulment and will write a letter of explanation if time frame of RFE doesn't work with it. Really appreciate your advices! I was feeling hopeless but still praying for the best.
  15. Thank you for your respond! We understand now, very hard lesson! But do you know by any chance, we could annul the second marriage after this long? If it could, will we make it time frame of the RFE? Any reference for affordable lawyer?
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