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  1. I got DQ March 9th waiting on IL. I don't think Dhaka consulte has a backlog.
  2. Initial submission: 2/2 REF: 2/21 Resubmission: 2/21 DQ: 3/9 If anyone knows about bangladesh interview wait time, any info would be appreciated.
  3. Do any of you know if your review date gets pushed back for adding documents to the additional document section?
  4. Took me 13 Business days to get REF so by that measures I am hoping to hear back by March 9.
  5. It was a country specific document that is additional to the marriage certificate. I added the English version to the extra document section. The REF came back saying they need it replaced with the native and English version. They never instructed that before in the country specific section. It sucks but it could have been worse. I'm back of the line now 😞
  6. Submitted on 2/2/23 REF 2/21/23 Resubmitted on 2/21/23
  7. Some NVC update: Case created on Jan 29th 2023 Paid both fees on Jan 29th 2023 Payment updated on Feb 1st 2023
  8. Looks like December cases are getting approved!! Let's keep updating here for NVC stuff if you guys don't mind.
  9. Case was approved today from CSC. Accepted 12/20/21 approved 1/25/23. Best of luck to all of you still waiting.
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