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  1. I agree with you that people need to read the instructions and be careful filling out the forms or get help, but choosing to just go by evidence for this specific issue as you stated makes the backlog worse, it doesn't help the overall issue.
  2. if they only answered question 61 (Adjustment of Status), then yes, it's clearly incorrect and there is no way for USCIS to assume the beneficiary is outside the US, but in all cases, the address of beneficiary should be a clue for USCIS as well as whether there is a filed i-485, but many officers unfortunately are lazy or maybe they're told to just issue RFEs to slow things down.
  3. there is no divorce in your current marriage because it's invalid, you have to get married again.
  4. your current marriage is invalid, you need to withdraw your i-130, divorce your first wife, then remarry your current wife and then refile for your i-130, it's going to be a mess, if i were you i would probably consider hiring an immigration lawyer.
  5. well I meant they should issue the RFE before approving the petition.
  6. The i-824 form fee is $465 per USCIS website, I always thought it is ridiculous that USCIS doesn't just give an RFE for this instead of making people apply for i-824 and wait few months again for it to be approved, but if you have to file it, I don't see how you can file it without paying the fee.
  7. So only when I need to file or amend taxes?
  8. Hello, I want to know if it's possible to obtain an ITIN number for my spouse who is currently in Morocco, I know that we can get the ITIN once we file taxes, but I want to know if we can apply just for the ITIN number now in Morocco without filing taxes.
  9. For transcripts, do you just need the latest year or are you going to submit all 3 years? it's weird because i think i have seen some RFEs for W2s and 1099s, so it's tricky to find the best documents to submit without getting an RFE.
  10. Did you check under the documents tab in your online account?
  11. I've been thinking about this as well, I think it's safer to go with I-864, I qualify for I-864Z but I'm avoiding it because a tiny % of the income (less than 1%) is from dividends or stock gains, my W2 income alone well exceed any limits but I don't see any downside of using i-864 instead.
  12. he will need to get some if not most of the documents himself, I don't think you can get them for him.
  13. Mine was initially at Nebraska but was transferred immediately to Potomac, you should chat with a live agent via Emma to find out if your case is still at Nebraska or if it was transferred.
  14. That's what I did, I never received any notice in the mail for the I-130, not sure if they send them to everyone.
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