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  1. Update on my AOS: I-485 has been received and I have my biometrics tomorrow. My work authorization and advanced parole were both rejected, and I’m really confused as to why. At this point I don’t even think I want to bother trying to resubmit, I might just wait it out for my green card.
  2. You can reschedule your biometrics appointment online through your USCIS account. Mine was over a month away and seemed silly to wait that long when there are appointments in the next week available. You can also request your online access code through Ask Emma, which is what I did. Because being on the page it seems like sometimes USCIS schedules your biometrics right away and you don’t get the paper mail in time and miss it. I didn’t want to be in that boat. I was able to see the documents online and print my receipt and appointment notice, so thank you. There is no right or wrong way, it’s a learning process since things are never straight forward and explained well with USCIS. I don’t see anything wrong with going the route I did since I do have everything I need for my appointment. And walking into an office isn’t going to help those who don’t live close to one. Let’s maybe be a bit kinder, this isn’t an easy process to go through and just looking for some support, understanding and knowledge from others.
  3. Hey guys! I’ve got my biometrics scheduled for March 21th and I got the information through Ask Emma and access code. So I got online and got an earlier date (March 5). The issue is that I still haven’t received my NOA1 or the even the original biometrics letter, and it says to bring that to the appointment. Will that be an issue if I still don’t have it by then?
  4. That’s super helpful, thanks so much! ☺️ At this point it’s been a few days since I got the text they received my case, so I’m thinking my NOA1 and access code will be here any day, I may just wait it out at this point!
  5. How did you reschedule your biometrics? And how exactly did you word it to Ask Emma to get your access code? I’ve tried with 3 different agents and they won’t give me anything haha.
  6. There’s someone else I’ve been talking to and hers was delivered to the mail room on Monday, and today her check she sent in with the application is “pending”, so she got some movement possibly!
  7. Did you get an update letting you know it was declined? Or did you just eventually send a new one and it went through?
  8. Oh it’s incredibly frustrating 😅 Chicago seemed to be moving kinda quickly with other people so I had high hopes, but they really proved me wrong haha. I’m hoping it just hasn’t been put in yet and it’s not just lost in a mail room somewhere.
  9. I’m currently in the same position. I sent mine to the Lockbox in Chicago with UPS. It was delivered to the mailroom and signed by someone on Jan 31st, still have yet to hear anything from USCIS.
  10. I mailed my AOS last week through UPS and it went to the Chicago Lockdown. The UPS said it was delivered to the mail room, is that correct? I haven’t gotten any texts to confirm they received it yet and I can’t check my online portal since I got a new phone number and can’t get into my account. 🙄
  11. I’ve realized I checked “No” when it should have been “Yes”… annoying how they make it so confusing. Is there anything I can do now, like send in a new one in hopes they add it to my packet? Or just wait it out for the RFE..
  12. I have a follow-up question for this haha. With having co-sponsor, they don’t get included in the household amount if they don’t live with them, correct? Also, with co-sponsors it becomes a combination of both theirs and the petitions income?
  13. That’s kinda what I was thinking. Thank you for confirming!! ☺️
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