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  1. My fiance's interview is coming up this week and I'm super anxious as well. I also do contract work as a second job which gives me a 1099 like you. What I decided to do is add a cover letter to my I-134 explaining the nature of my 1099 employment and my anticipated income for this year. I'm adding a copy of my 1099, and copies of deposits into my bank account from the job for 2023. I'm able to filter transactions on my bank's website to show just deposits from certain sources so that made it really easy.
  2. I've been working a lot on this form lately, I ultimately decided to attach a cover letter to mine explaining my multiple income streams and attaching evidence such as bank deposits and invoices related to income outside my W2. If her banking site lets her search for deposits from Rover and displays only those transactions I would use that and print out those pages with header and footer timestamps. I don't think it'd hurt to add her 1099 as evidence either, more doesn't hurt but less could.
  3. Hello, I'm wracking my brain trying to figure out how to fill out some questions on the newest version of the I-134 Declaration of Financial Support form. I wish they hadn't changed it, the old one seems like it was much easier. Right off the bat I don't understand what I should put in Part 2, question 13, "Income contribution to the beneficiary annually". Do they want to know my beneficiary's annual salary from his employer? He obviously will no longer have that salary when he moves here so this makes no sense at all to me. Then there's a similar issue with Part 3, question 14, "Income contribution to the beneficiary annually". Do I put my entire yearly earnings here? I have two jobs, so would they like to see the numbers from both income streams separately? Thank you for any help!
  4. Longtime lurker, approved today! I was getting worried as we were in the 87500-88000 range with only 6 approvals since they started May, but everything turned out alright. Hang in there everyone, your time will come soon!
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