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    Games (internet and table top), Robotics, Computers, Jane Austen (Well, for Heather at least) , fantasy/adventure/scifi books and movies, hiking....complicated paper work, and visiting countries only in the winter when it's cold, grey and dreary.

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    I'm sure we can't be much different from other couples doing the same thing. We weren't looking for love when we met, and quite accidentally found ourselves on this path. We realized fairly quickly that we WERE serious, though we took longer than some to make the official steps towards international marriage. But now we are on our way to finally being together forever!

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  1. Like others, Nik and I have struck out when trying to find (or even get to talk to someone!!) a CS who will transcribe the vaccinations without charging an arm and a leg. I know there are some of you out there who have had some luck finding a CS who doesn't rip you off, but the experiences are scattered all over the place. Also, as was mentioned in another thread, maybe it's time the VJ community got together and used our experiences in this aspect to help each other out. I think a pinned thread with a summary post every now and again is the best way, but SunDrop is trying something different - hopefully we can combine our collections!! So, please let us know if you've found a good CS!
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