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  1. Anyone else having any luck? We're in our 6th month of AP. DS5535 paper. Spoke with a few attorneys. I'm giving it another 60 days and will most likely be filing a WOM after that.
  2. Hey everyone. I don't see a thread just for DS5-355 approvals. Can we start one? List your country and when you were finally approved. Just trying to see an average (if that's even possible) or if you're still waiting general discussion or updates. Idk if this is allowed so mods delete please if not. Jordan Interview 10/31/22 responded to DS same day. Still waiting. Last update 12/12/22
  3. Could you send me the link about the 5 months thing?? I'm not finding it under visas! Thank you!
  4. Thank you I really appreciate that. I'm sorry for you too. Are you able to be together or no? I lived in Jordan with him for two years but then moved back to America. I was flying there every 3 months for a while but then got pregnant. Last time I was there was last May-June and haven't been able to get back with work and the baby not having a passport. Had no idea the embassies website said 5 months I'll have to check that out right now. Thank you for that!
  5. Yes congressionals don't seem too work for AP. I even know someone who works at the department of state and theirs nothing they can do. I agree it's devastating. I finally have a passport appointment for our baby this week. So whenever we get that back I'm gonna have to go there. I haven't seen him in 9 months and he obviously hasn't met his daughter yet. Its so frustrating. Wish we knew the reason for the AP.
  6. Nothing. No updates in CEAC since 12/12/22. I've emailed a million times I just get the same generic response back. Phone lines at embassy and NVC still shut down. It's a ###### joke. I'll definitely keep you updated. Sorry you were put into AP. It's ridiculous. What's the timeline on the bottom of your DS paper? Ours said 2-6 weeks. That's clearly not correct. Curious if they have updated it or not
  7. Thanks for responding! It's so annoying. We had a baby in September and he's just missing out on so much it's so depressing. Hope you're doing good and continued good luck on your journey 💜
  8. Thank you for responding I wasn't sure if that's what it was or not!
  9. Hey all, My husband had his interview Oct 31 2022 and was subject to AP. We weren't missing any documents. I've attached the letter he received. We sent in the info within hours of his interview. CEAC has updated 4 times but we've been stuck since Dec 12th with no update. Just wanted to see if anyone else was in the same situation at this embassy. Thanks!
  10. You're welcome! Wishing you all the best on your journey as well!
  11. Update....DQ 10/27/21 interview 10/31/22. I've also seen people with a November and December DQ have interviews in November. Good luck to everyone!!
  12. Yea honestly most of the time it's not useful lol but it does help when people actually post their DQ/Interview dates. Well I'll definitely update here when we finally get something! Our case has been sitting at the embassy since Aug 28th lol
  13. There's a Facebook group. Search IR1 CR1 Amman Jordan. So many people got scheduled yesterday
  14. I saw..I'm pissed. I got an expedited approval August 25th and haven't heard a thing since! We were DQ October 2021. Idk what they're doing at that embassy. I'm happy for everyone but I'm not understanding why there's still September/October 2021 cases sitting at that embassy with no interviews scheduled. I've sent countless emails with no response. Hoping this coming week we'll get something scheduled for October. They skipped over Oct entirely so people in my position are hoping it's this month.
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