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  1. Same visa process but we submitted as much evidence as possible to avoid RFE and interview…. We got an RFE for medical, but got thr green card approval without interview.
  2. The more proof the better because just a marriage certificate doesn’t prove a bonafide marriage.
  3. Okay so she has the ability to make money and the ability to leave the country…. My case was different; had EAD but didn’t apply for AP so wasn’t able to travel outside the U.S. until green card received.
  4. -i485 UPDATE: 3/23 - Card Produced 3/27 - Card Received (without tracking number of course 😂) after Biometrics, the timeline said about 4 months for a decision. November to March is just that. 😁
  5. UPDATE: -i485 RFE - 12/19 (for updated vaccines with Civil Surgeon) -i485 RFE Response - 1/27 -daughter born 2/28; uploaded hospital letter 3/1 of her birth as unsolicited evidence of a bonafide relationship. -I485 APPROVED - 3/7
  6. Submitted last Monday. They sent notice of RFE response received on Jan 27th…. It was for update of vaccines. Had to go to civil surgeon with evidence of updated vaccines.
  7. Woah. I guess we had a real good civil surgeon. Only paid $80 for him to update the vaccine worksheet with the vaccines my husband got at Kaiser. And got the paperwork same day.
  8. It’s possible that they want updated vaccines. When she did medicals, a vaccine may have not been available in the country. My husband’s vaccine sheet said varicella (chickenpox) vaccine wasn’t available in the country. I sent a message to his physician and she ordered labs to do a tiger test to see if he has immunity (haven taken the vaccine long ago). He was immune and we provided that test result to a civil surgeon nearby including that he has taken the most recent flu vaccine. The surgeon signed the I-693 and provided us a sealed envelope for us to provide for the RFE response.
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