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  1. Any one with updates? We're still waiting... ☹️☹️
  2. Hey all, For those who got both EAD and AP approved, in your AP form, did you indicate dates of travel? I’m curious how they’re assessing approval of the combo application. I got my EAD but no word on the AP - and on the website the applications are grouped under “Concurrent Filing” and marked as ‘Case Closed’)
  3. Hello everyone, Timeline so far: 11/07/2023 - Sent to USCIS (I-485, I-765, I-131 concurrently) 11/10/2023 - NOA1 (ALL) 11/24/2023 - RFE (I-485 - needed joint sponsor) 12/10/2023 - Sent RFE Response 12/18/2023 - Biometrics Appointment (I-485 and I-765) [initial date was 01/05/2024 but I'll be out of town so rescheduled to 18th] 12/18/2023 - Status changed to Being Actively Reviewed (I-485 and I-765) 12/20/2023 - I-765 Approval Notice
  4. Assuming it's at the Nairobi Embassy, I would call or email them directly: Call Center: 254-20-7640121 or 254-20-7640799 Call Center from the United States: +1 (703) 988-7112 Email: ImmigrationVisaNairobi@state.gov That's the contact info they have on their website. They responded to an email I sent them in about 3-5 days. I hope this helps.
  5. Hey, As a K1 applicant, I know that the embassy will contact you with instructions on how to proceed (it's a pretty straight forward email telling you to schedule your medical and your interview). You can also go ahead and email them to let them know you're waiting for their instructions, they'll usually respond within 3-5 days. What I would advise you to do is go ahead and fill out the DS160 Form and create your account on the Embassy website in order to get a shot at an appointment slot in good time. You will have to wait for slot to open in order to pay for the interview, (wait a couple of days until your payment is confirmed), then wait again for other slots to be opened (because obviously in the time you're waiting for the payment confirmation, the slots that were initially available will have been taken) to schedule the actual interview. I hope this helps.
  6. haxxx

    Hello, were you able to schedule an interview in Nairobi? How was the process?

    1. Aren



      So sorry for the delay - I haven't been on the forum in a while. Yes I was able to schedule an interview but it was quite a process, only because they put up dates so infrequently so they are very easy to miss. They also have a system whereby you cannot pay for the interview without there being open slots - so you interact with the appointment calendar twice.


      Please let me know if you have any specific questions, I'll be happy to respond (and will be sure to check here frequently). 


      All the best,


  7. This is unhelpful but totally fair - except the same is true for all the paper files required in this whole process. It doesn't change the fact that Embassies ask for original hard copies 🤷‍♀️ making people having to figure out how to go about it with files that were originally electronic - one of the current solutions is printing them and having them physically stamped.
  8. Hi All, I’m putting together documents for the K1 interview. I don’t know if this has already been asked before but for the certified copy of the divorce judgement (it was filed remotely during covid so e-signatures were used, including the judge’s), does the seal/stamp of proof need to be on all the pages or just one? [Mine is 19 pages long and we got a seal from the clerk but it’s only on one page]. Thanks.
  9. So happy to see fellow Ugandans!! I think the frustrating thing about this whole process is the absolute lack of clarity or order in the process. There's no information given about why anything is happening the way its happening so we can't even be sure it's a country priority thing. Fingers crossed they get in touch with you soon too. We've sent the general inquiries form and emailed NVC directly with a copy of our NOA2 and with both instances they said they didn't have our file. It really is a luck of the draw thing. Has NVC shared your case number and invoice ID then so you have a way of tracking it? That's so frustrating. This is yet another thing that I'm anxious about. The whole process is an elaborate exercise in patience 😅
  10. I actually just tried it and it works. It needs to be on the Live Chat feature, with an actual Customer Service Rep. I asked them if our case has been sent to NVC yet. Apparently our case was only transferred to NVC on April 17th (😒 we got our NOA2 on 28th Feb) so it's been sitting at USCIS this whole time! The CSR agent couldn't tell me why, it was part of the "normal process". NVC hasn't received it yet as of the last inquiry we sent last week on Thursday 20th, they got back to us on Fri 21st saying they didn't have it. When I asked the agent when we can expect NVC to receive it, they said within 90 days! 😅😭 So I guess someone's trekking across the country with our file. The wait continues 😬
  11. Any other Feb NOA2 received their case numbers from NVC? I'm starting to get a little discouraged, I've seen March NOA2s already receiving their case numbers. How are USCIS and NVC working this out? 😔 We're going on 8 weeks now, still no word - and the NVC inquiry response is still that they haven't received our petition from USCIS.
  12. NOA2: Feb 28th 2023. I'm hopeful. Saw on an FB group someone who had the same NOA2 date as us got their case number for NVC last week! We've sent an inquiry, fingers crossed. Any one with NVC updates?
  13. Yeah someone pointed this out on another thread I'm on about visiting with pending petitions- it's usually for people who qualify for ESTA or have had visas prior to the petition.
  14. I'd only ever read this thread we're on. But someone has pointed out that it (the thread) only applies to people who qualify for ESTA or have had a visa before having a petition filed for them. That plus the thread you've shared, clearly I didn't read carefully or widely enough. It was a zero shot from the get-go. Thank you so much for pointing this out! I had completely missed that. It makes sense.
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