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  1. Yeah someone pointed this out on another thread I'm on about visiting with pending petitions- it's usually for people who qualify for ESTA or have had visas prior to the petition.
  2. I'd only ever read this thread we're on. But someone has pointed out that it (the thread) only applies to people who qualify for ESTA or have had a visa before having a petition filed for them. That plus the thread you've shared, clearly I didn't read carefully or widely enough. It was a zero shot from the get-go. Thank you so much for pointing this out! I had completely missed that. It makes sense.
  3. Hey, I'm curious, by visit did you meant to the US or are you and your S/O planning to meet elsewhere? (Asking because I just got my B2 visa application denied on the grounds that I have a K1 visa pending. Pretty bummed but now planning for Christmas somewhere else. Fortunately we are both able to afford travelling to a 3rd country since neither of us is keen on spending Christmas in my country again)
  4. I'm curious, how many of the success stories on this thread hold African passports? I'd like to know your experiences. I just tried my luck, first time B2 application - knew it was a long shot - had a whole bunch of documents showing ties to my home country (employment, lease, land title, utility bills), the officer at the Embassy didn't even look at them. As soon as I said I was going to visit my fiancé for the Christmas holidays and that we had a K1 visa pending, she handed me the rejection letter. No questions asked. She said "You will never get issued any non immigrant visa when you already have a pending application that shows immigrant intent”. Again, I knew it was a long shot, but still hurts to not be able to even present my case. (This thread also gave me false hope 😅, I fell for it). Alas, we'll just plan to meet somewhere else for the holidays as the wait continues!
  5. Received by USCIS - January 11th Hard copy of NOA1 received - January 16th
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