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  1. That’s so strange. Didn’t see that my beneficiary needed to include her birth certificate.
  2. Is my Non US birth certificate required or does my naturalization certificate cover this requirement? As a petitioner
  3. I didn’t include my birth certificate.. is this something that we need to include or does a naturalization certificate cover this requirement?
  4. Hello! I was wondering if there is a difference in wait times between K1 & marriage based applications specifically for Kenya. Are we sharing the wait time? Or does K1 usually have to keep searching to pick the next available time? I’ve been told both things.
  5. Gotcha! Looks like B2 visa has a long wait time for interviews. And it’s tough to demonstrate plans to not overstay visa correct? Anything else? She doesn’t have a B2 visa but just want to learn what it all takes.
  6. Anyone know any situations about the Nairobi Kenya US Embassy? Besides the massive in progress K1 application what are the barriers for my Fiancée to (visit) me in the US?
  7. Hello! Few questions: if you can answer some I would really appreciate it. What’s the current wait time? Does Genocide count as grounds to expedite case? Would school visa be ethical in the mean time while waiting for K1? Anyone have actual data or links that show if the backlogs will get better or worse? Just trying to consider life changes. I work from home. Considering working at my beneficiary’s place as a plan G, H, I, J…
  8. Do we have an excel spreadsheet of Request to Expedite. Reasons for approval vs denial? If not, do we have a page that shows this?
  9. What are some of the things that are keeping you guys busy after you sent your NOA1. I’m trying to find something to help pass time.
  10. Just got my NOA1. REQ is still a possibility right? Just want to check and Know what NOA1 means other than just the receipt number.
  11. Sent mine this February. Not sure how I can be proactive. I know it’s about to be a long ride.
  12. For the I-129F should we at the very least mention that we met on Tinder, instead of just saying we met online? If so do we also need to include Tinder's Term's & Conditions? Or does a simple statement from the Petitioner work by saying tinder is not IMB..?
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