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  1. From what I have read, there will be separate fees for each of those documents -- the i-485, i-131, i-765. The I-485 is supposed to significantly increase by about $500 and you might be looking at paying an additional $500-600 for each the I-131 and the I-765. Of course, nothing has gone into effect yet, they are hearing public comments for the next 60 days.
  2. No, the case status on the Case Tracker app didn't change for AP when we got approved for EAD. However, when logged into our USCIS account, it said case closed next to AP, no approval was mentioned there. We expedited. Combo card arrived soon after. AP still says it is being actively reviewed even though we have the combo card.
  3. Congrats! We got the combo card and it was about a week from approval to having the card in hand
  4. What does your status say on uscis website? Does it say card was mailed?
  5. Did you actually get notification saying your I-765 was approved?
  6. Maybe past due bills? I am not sure, we had a job offer on the table so that is why we expedited. I’m sure there is a thread on here showing what you can provide.
  7. We received the same notice and they approved ours the next day!
  8. Yes, I think I would. Maybe you need to provide more evidence of the situation this time? 🤷🏽‍♀️
  9. No, it took a about a week before we got the notification that a request had been made. They told us in that notification that they would make a decision soon. The next day, he was approved!
  10. Quick update: 7/27/2022 EAD approved and card is being produced! 🥳🥳 we expedited due to a pending job offer, waited about 10 days and today, we got approval!
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