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  1. Today I received communication that my physical case got to the embassy. The packet 3 email. NOA1: 07/13/21 NOA2: 09/09/22 Case got to NVC: 10/20/22 Case number/case creation: 11/29/22 Case in transit: 12/06/22 Case ready: 12/08/22 Packet 3: 20/12/22
  2. Well, then I’m sorry but in Brazil it is this way. I thought it was like that in every embassy. Did they send you the DHL code? Where did you get it?
  3. What is your embassy? That’s just a general text. But some embassy’s give you the interview date and others (like Brazil and Peru) you schedule the interview.
  4. It takes around a month or 3 weeks to the case get in the embassy physically. When your case is ready, it means the embassy got the electronic version of it. You can already schedule an interview and doctors appointment.
  5. My case just went from “in transit” to “ready” NOA1: 07/13/21 NOA2: 09/09/22 Case got to NVC: 10/20/22 Case number/case creation: 11/29/22 Case in transit: 12/06/22 Case ready: 12/08/22
  6. The number you need in the DS160 is the WAC number (from USCIS, from the initial petition WAC2190******)
  7. Yay!!! That’s so exciting! I’m sad that Brazil only have interview spots in February 😭
  8. My case just got in transit to the embassy today! NOA2: 09/09/22 NVC Case creation/case number: 11/29/22
  9. Hello! What day and time did you schedule your interview in Rio? Can you tell me that?
  10. Well, just consider the date on the email where they confirmed they got your case (I think it was 10/21 you said?). If it was not that, it was something close to it for sure.
  11. You’re welcome! And it is good to update the date in our timeline here on visa journey so ppl will know exactly when the case was created. we need to become investigators in this process lol. As they don’t give us any info
  12. ♦️ CASE NUMBER CREATION DATE ♦️ The case numbers generated in NVC follow a specific pattern, and it is possible to find out the date of creation of your case through it. The case number can be broken down as follows: AAA - 0000 - 111 - 222 - The three letters indicate the consulate where the case will be sent - The first 4 numbers are the year of creation of the case - The next 3 numbers represent the “Julian date” shown in the calendar below, added to 500 - The last 3 numbers represent the sequential order in which the case was created. Example: RDJ2021501020 RDJ - 2021 - 501 - 020 - RDJ: Rio De Janeiro - 2021: case created in 2021 - 501: Julian date + 500, that is, in this case the Julian date is 1 - 020: twentieth case to be created. Looking at the calendar, Julian date 1 means the case was created on 01/01. There is a Julian Calendar for each year, so use the right calendar to do the math. (But it is basically the day of the year. E.g.: 01/31 is the 31st day of the year, 11/31 is the 333 day of the year).
  13. Do you know about how to figure out when your case was created? It is very interesting and I can show you how!
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