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  1. No but we were told too but then when u schedule interview it allows u and no our country never send us letter we just still went ahead and did it
  2. I don’t know if this is same for you but I found out that the letter the nvc sends u is the welcome letter and has your case with that letter u make medical appointment and embassy does not schedule u anything u do it your self. I had two professionals tell me. I was first confused by all of it too but I guess that how it is.
  3. Can you please say what happen? I am I. The same situation tore apart my attorney says. I need schedule while medical says I need letter from nvc says we can schedule
  4. I read on gov page for k 1 visa you don’t until you adjust your residency here in the US
  5. I called my attorney and they said I actually have to schedule my interview so I am confused because medical there refusing is as we need some letter while attorney said no u schedule and the letter they need is appointment confirmation. I have a feeling that country is doing this purposely because they like getting money under the table. That’s all it makes me think because they always seem to find why they should not schedule first it was Covid the. It’s something else. Very corrupted country
  6. I don’t know if it’s true I schedule and I had to cancel bec the medical was requesting some welcome letter from embassy and refused us until embassy sends us welcome letter and states that we are allowed to schedule
  7. Hi guys when case says ready does it mean we can schedule interview? Or we have to wait for a letter!?
  8. Nap was September but the medical place asking for a letter of some sort or e mail that we were suppose to receive that tells that they are ready to schedule. I am so confused then of case is ready the. What letter was I supposed to get from embassy?
  9. Guys is this meaning I can schedule interview? Or I have to wait for e mail?
  10. Is it true in order to make medical appointment you need Covid vaccine ? I thought k 1 does not require until u come to adjust atatus
  11. Is it true we need Covid vaccine to schedule medical appointment? I thought k 1 is not required until u come here to adjust visa
  12. Did any of you were told by appointment for medical that they won’t take you because you have to have Covid vaccine or you can’t get in to appointment? Or that they will not hand you mental package of you did not do Covid vaccine? Because we are told they won’t do it until my fiancé dose Covid vaccine. I thought for k 1 visa it was not required? Or if it is that appointment for medical was the reason they are getting is to get that vaccine.
  13. I called and I guess us too. So my guess we don’t need any documents with us to medical
  14. I was told that for medical to happen u need that letter from embassy that packet 3 in order for them to do required medicaL. Medical one is contracted with embassy so they will ask for that letter. I think you are supposed to wait for that green light from embassy
  15. My case says it’s in transit and says interview date was given to me by NVC ? Does anyone else have that because nvc only said they send papers but did not give me dates for interview
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