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  1. Nice so im guessing should get an answer in the next two months
  2. Im.10/29/2021 California service center u.s citizen filing for spouse.
  3. Does anyone have experience with nvc and expediting. Im going to get fmla at my job due to my medical issue...i dont have any surgeries. But can i get an expedite due to my fmla and doctors note/ medications as evidence?
  4. Thanks it has...i updated my address online on my account and got a email saying by june 17 I will.have a update....but still.waiting since October 29 2021 csc
  5. I have just seen it on mine today and also trying to figure out also?
  6. Im part of a group on FB...they have bren massively slow with sending it....i heard people have been going in person to see abt the issue...went from They couldnt even schedule medical because their was no doctor. Very sad...how long you had to wait for ab interview?
  7. Has anyone prepared themselves for the long wait at NVC? Or do you think the backlog will get any better than it is now? Their saying their going to hire more people(nvc) but That is not until months ahead or more. Only way I see the backlog decreasing is if they open up more hours to review cases. Day, evening, overnights with incentives. All this takes money of course. Really thinking of just moving their😅
  8. Hell just wondering if anyone has info on the feature on uscis account. Under documents case history there is another tab for processing times does anyone has this in their account?
  9. As I seen on here their working on junes submissions. Seen a couple people approved in the same year.
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