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  1. Thank you for the help. I have explained things to her.
  2. Thanks, top_secret. That makes sense. Several countries we have applied to have demanded proof of my assets. The Schengen Europeans still thought my wife wanted to become a fugitive, though. Figured she would wear her big ruby and diamond wedding ring and my mother's jewelry to wash dishes and clean toilets. The Turks gave her an e-visa without fuss, but when she arrived, they were amazed to learn Zambians were eligible, and they later changed their site to exclude them. The Irish were great the first time we applied, but they insisted on having my information both times, and the second time, a new employee rejected her, apparently thinking I bought her a car, paid her rent, took her to two other countries, and gave her a savings account because I do that for all my prostitutes. The employee was convinced we weren't married, and we had given them the marriage certificate, the wedding ring appraisal, and a link to the clerk's office. The Egyptians were no trouble at all. Very hospitable and friendly.
  3. You seem to be unaware you are displaying Sierra Leone as your country. Yes, it is probably true that a tiny fraction of the world's population prefers places like Tbilisi and Peru to Vienna and Florence. However, my wife and I are part of the overwhelming majority who feel otherwise. Try raffling off two tickets to Kuala Lumpur and two tickets to Rome to random people around the world and see which destination sells better. If you're not trying to move yourself or someone else to America, it's strange that you're here. This is a forum for immigrants and their families. The same things that make free, prosperous countries better places to live than poor, oppressive countries also make them better vacation destinations. That shouldn't need explaining. As for the Caribbean and Mexico, yes, when I used the word "bad," I was being subjective, and most people would have no problem with that, nor would they feel an urge to try to correct it or shame someone for it. To me, these are bad destinations because I am tired of the heat and monotony of the tropics, neither of us wants to go there, and flights are long and expensive. As for South American countries, they are bad destinations because they are very expensive, require extremely unpleasant flights, and don't offer much we want. Obviously, to most of us here, I do not have it all figured out, or I would not have posted the question, which you didn't answer or even identify correctly. It is true that some Americans go to live in their spouses' countries. A small minority, and it's usually because they have no choice. Would you rather have ten dollars for every American who leaves or every foreigner who comes to America? And you did try to shame me. I am glad you will not be responding, because people who have useful things to say can now return. I believe Adventine already gave me the answer, though.
  4. The question isn't whether she is permitted. The question is whether the green card improves her chances. See the first post. Lots of countries claim my wife can visit with or without a green card, but they lie in order to seem progressive. What they say and what they do when she applies are two different things. As an African, you should know this. Europeans do things like rejecting famous African university professors who want to attend conferences. They think every African, no matter how successful, will refuse to go home. I respectfully request you not try to shame me for criticizing dreary vacation destinations. Paris is nicer than Manila. Switzerland is nicer than Tanzania. Everyone knows this. Nothing wrong with pointing it out. Laying guilt trips is not nice, especially when you, yourself, are choosing to leave the kind of place I'm talking about. And I'm immune to guilt trips anyway. It is not possible to make me feel guilty when I'm right. If you're trying to move from a poor country to an affluent country, it makes no sense to try to shame other people whose preferences are just like yours. Everyone here is trying to move someone to a first-world country. There is no backlog of Americans and Europeans trying to move to poor or oppressive countries. No one here has room to criticize others for preferring pleasant places. My wife has no interest in visiting other African countries. After all, she has been in Africa her whole life. She has never traveled before, so she wants to see the rest of the world, and I want to make her dreams come true. She isn't dreaming of Africa or unpopular spots like Ecuador and Albania. As for the Caribbean, I don't like it, and I don't want to waste our precious times together there, not to mention thousands of dollars. I grew up in Florida and spent a lot of time on the water and boating to the Bahamas, and I live in a warm place now, so I have had enough of the hot, boring tropics for a lifetime. She doesn't want to go to beaches, either. She likes places that offer intellectual stimulation. Also, flights to the Caribbean are unbelievably long and expensive. The airlines are not working hard to help Zambians get there. Mexico is also a difficult place for her to fly to, and when you get there, it's like where I grew up, only poorer. We are shooting for a Schengen visa through Czechia, and if it works, we'll use it to get into Austria and Switzerland. If not, we are stuck with Hong Kong and Singapore, which aren't too bad when the weather is good. By the time we find out about the visa, at least the monsoon season will be over.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I am not really interested in the visa-free destinations, because they are pretty bad, apart from Canada, and the list is not much better than the list of places Zambians can go without visas regardless of green card status. Today I read that the UK permits green card holders to come in.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I don't care what they think of my wife. I am just wondering if they will still refuse to let her into the Schengen Area. The Italian embassy staff in Lusaka flat-out lied to us, claiming she would get a visa if we paid for tickets in advance. Then we bought tickets, and they took no action at all. When she went to inquire, they told her she had been rejected. The lady was really rude. Screamed at her. Of course, we lost a lot of money.
  7. My wife and I like to travel. While we have been waiting for the US to clear her to move here from Zambia, we have taken several trips together, and we have learned that Africans are not welcome much of anywhere. Europeans, in particular, resist giving them tourist visas even when there is overwhelming proof they will return to their home countries. With this in mind, can anyone tell me if a US green card is helpful for immigrants who want to take trips to other countries?
  8. I applied for a visa for my wife about a year ago. She is now telling me she is interested in the lottery. Will a lottery entry have any negative effects on her existing application? Since spouses get preference, is there any point in applying for the lottery?
  9. The purpose of a K-3 visa is to bring couples together long before their spousal visas are approved. This only happens to about one applicant per month (out of thousands), and the notion that a K-3 application speeds the other application up has generally proven untrue, so for nearly everyone, the K-3 application is a complete waste of time and the visa itself is unavailable. It appears the only reliable benefit of a K-3 application is that it makes you feel like you're doing something.
  10. Based on reports I've seen here, the K-3 generally does not speed things up, and it is almost never approved before the 129F. The whole purpose was to get people here before their long-term visas were approved, so since that almost never happens, the K-3 appears to be the appendix of visas. No real purpose.
  11. Thanks for the link. It says ONE K-3 was granted in the month of July, so for practical purposes, the K-3 visa does not really exist. I went back and checked earlier records, and things were about the same. Interesting system we have. I wonder why certain extremely rare individuals are given these visas.
  12. Here's a question that comes to mind after a year of waiting for a spouse visa. Has a K-3 visa ever, in the history of the United States, been issued?
  13. I just found out we're in California. Not good. I wish I had known I needed to file a 129-F concurrently with the I-130. The California processing time for a K-3 is much shorter. Looks like we'll be traveling a lot this year.
  14. Thanks for posting that. When I log into my account, that link does not appear. I have to Google Emma and go to a different URL.
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